Kavanaugh Neighbors Question Media’s Muted Minimal Response to Threat on His Life

Nicholas Roske (26 years old) arrived at the Maryland home of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh just over a week ago. Mainstream media quickly reported the story. He had planned to kill Kavanaugh, then himself. The assailant surrendered without inflicting any injury to the police.

However, some of Kavanaugh’s neighbors in the upscale Chevy chase suburbs bordering Washington, D.C., are still not satisfied.

The disturbing incident was covered by the media from many angles. The protests continued outside of the residence of the conservative judge ahead of important Supreme Court decisions in the coming weeks. There are still questions regarding Roske’s actions. Roske was armed with a gun, ammo, and pepper spray and he protested against Kavanaugh’s potentially scale-tipping views about abortion rights and gun laws.

“That was very unexpected to me.”

The investigation is still ongoing. This week, police revealed that Roske had seen federal marshals at Kavanaugh’s house Wednesday morning. Roske then texted his sister before abandoning his plans for killing Kavanaugh.

While no one was hurt in the end, there were some scars for neighbors who told Fox News Digital they had grown tired of the loud, vulgar, and “obnoxious” protests each week. Roske’s actions could encourage another attacker, which is why liberals are worried that Kavanaugh might be one of those votes that will soon overturn Roe V. Wade. The leak of an opinion draft published by Politico last month proved this. Roske and others living nearby are being informed by some of them.

Another Chevy Chase resident said that “people are very nervous”.

Some have already forgotten about the threat.

The Washington Post continues to cover the story as it unfolds in its own backyard. Roske has not been mentioned in print by the New York Times since June 8, 2008. The newspaper also published the original story on page 20 in the print edition the following day.

USA Today and Chicago Tribune both removed the story from their front pages on Sunday. The incident was not mentioned by the networks this week, except in the context of a bill passed by Congress to increase protections for families of Supreme Court justices.

Ruth Sent Us, a far-left group, stated that it would continue protesting outside Kavanaugh and Justice Amy Coney Barrett’s homes even after the incident.

“It’s not going to end, it seems like,” the first Kavanaugh neighbor said. “This is a private neighborhood… I think it’s very disrespectful. This is a neighborhood, an escape from bitter D.C. politics.”

That neighbor agreed with the sentiments from some conservatives that the media would treat the Kavanaugh threat far more gravely if a liberal justice on the Court had been targeted in an assassination attempt, or if one of those justice’s neighbors was subjected to constant right-wing protests and noise.

They stated, “That would have been fair to the state.” They claimed that protesting in front of private residences is different than protesting in front of public buildings.

Chevy Chase’s second resident said that “you need to question that and feel like there is some kind of, you know, double-standard at work here.” “It is difficult to be in.

Kavanaugh was the Supreme Court nominee that was most closely followed after Clarence Thomas. In 2018, Kavanaugh was the Supreme Court nominee most closely followed since Clarence Thomas.

“I don’t believe there is another nominee for court who has had their house or neighborhood in the public realm in such a manner before,” said the second resident. They covered it… and there is a clear responsibility for the consequences.

Roske was quizzed by his neighbors about whether they believed Roske was forced to act due to the normalization protests at the residences of Supreme Court judges.

They said, “Yes, yes.” Yes, “This is what allows people to do these types of things, believing it’s okay to… However, I worry about it with my family. They are held captive twice per week by random picketers, or the young man who flew from California to carry out his plans.

Chevy Chase’s second resident said that it was important to question this belief and believe that there is a double standard here. It is something we shouldn’t be focusing on.

A third neighbor of Kavanaugh was not afraid to speak out about media. He compared it with media outlets that downplayed violent protests after George Floyd’s killing.

A neighbor of Kavanaugh stated that they want to cover up when their radicals do wrong. “Like what we saw in 2020 ]…, when all that was covered by peaceful protesting… It’s impossible to cover up the fact that it was a mostly peaceful intruder.

One neighbor stated that conservatives wouldn’t tolerate conservatives harassing Justice Sonia Sotomayor and Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson. They were also concerned about the impact of this personal engagement on the Supreme Court’s impartiality.

They replied, “It wouldn’t be accepted.” They stated that they would enforce any law that intimidates a justice and that protests cannot be used to alter a verdict. They would then say, “Look at the actions of these radicals.” ”

The mainstream media has not completely ignored protesters. On Wednesday’s MSNBC Morning Joe, Joe Scarborough, and Mika Brzezinski expressed disapproval.

Scarborough said that although it’s legal, it’s not the best or most efficient way to do it. Brzezinski said that she was “so uncomfortable “.

A second neighbor said that it didn’t matter who held a position of authority, or was in office that such violence could happen.

They said that this should be accepted so far beyond the country’s tolerance that it should not even be considered a topic of discussion. “