Karl Rove Has Thoughts About Why Pelosi Claims Dems Will Hold the House by Gaining More Seats

At first glance, Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s announcement that Democrats would hold the House in November’s midterm elections and that they would win more seats seemed delusional to Stephen Colbert, a late-night talk-show host. Many polls show that a Democrat defeat seems imminent.

Pelosi was infected with TDS and could not leave Donald Trump out.

I believe that we will win the House. While some of the Trump districts were lost we still had enough seats to be in the House with him.

She laughed and replied, “He’s still not on our ballot.” “Did I mention his name?” “I didn’t mean to. ”

This is the problem. Pelosi might have lost a few brain cells and steps but she is still an expert vote counter. Why would she make such a ridiculous prediction? Did she drink?

Karl Rove is a Republican political strategist and senior advisor under George W. Bush. Rove also doubts Pelosi’s prediction. Rove published an article on Monday by Fox News. In it, Rove first compared Pelosi with Joe Biden, whose mental state continues to decline.

“So, what’s up with Nancy Pelosi?” Rove asked to clarify in the op-ed: “Is she delusional?” Rove replied, “Or was there something else?” Rove replied with “b”, meaning it is not Pelosi’s declining mental ability.

Pelosi, a Democratic-Calif., isn’t so out of the loop that she believes with only five seats between them and minority status, Democrats will control the House in November.

She isn’t asking Democratic donors to stop donating. She’s not asking Democratic voters to not vote.

Hmm. Rove said that her goal was to keep the money flowing, get-out-the-vote efforts chugging, and candidates charging up until she dies.

Pelosi said almost exactly the same thing to Colbert, according to NewsMax.

With fewer seats, but still holding the House, we won again in 2020. We immediately started to plan for the next election.

Key factors are the inspiration and how you present your message. The second “M” is money. We’re now ready to vote in December 2020.

Rove further explained the process of Pelosi’s apparent madness.

This could lead to a few more Democrats winning than they would otherwise lose and that the Republican House majority might be smaller than before. Liberal pundits, partisan cheerleaders, and political pundits, such as Colbert, may be able to minimize her party’s political losses.

Maybe that’s how it will end. It was her last night at the late-night talk show.

Multiple reports claim that Pelosi will give her hand up regardless of whether or not she wins the House majority in November. Biden should be nominated for the U.S. Ambassador position to Italy. Italy, which is home to Pope Francis and Vatican City, is one of the most Catholic nations on the planet. Pelosi became increasingly frustrated by her pro-abortion activism, which was excommunicated by the San Francisco archbishop in May.

What is the Nancy Pelosi-style move?

Sources claim Biden has kept Pelosi’s ambassadorship open since her election. I won’t miss Madam Speaker.