Kari Lake Is Too Reckless to Run for Office Again

Kari Lake is facing a criminal referral as the Arizona Republican Governoral Candidate. He tweeted photos showing actual voter signatures.

Adrian Fontes (Democratic Secretary of State) wrote in his referral: “The Protections afforded by this subsection prohibit posting any information obtained from voter registration forms, precinct list or voter registers. A voter’s signature may not be reproduced by anyone other than the voter.

Fontes is Lake for the class 6 felon. This is the least serious category. In a tweet, January 23, Fontes stated that the sentences range from four to two years for guilty sentences.
Signatures by Kari Lake Voter

To comply with Arizona law, I have attached my screencap.

a few observations before we get to the meat of the matter

Hobbs was a better choice as governor because Lake’s views were closer than those of Arizona voters.

Lake is authorized to investigate all that took place in Maricopa County between the election period and now.

It is a positive step towards rebuilding trust in elections. Both left and right have little faith in Arizona’s past events.

I don’t believe Lake signed these signatures in malice, or that it is worthy of jail time.

But, Lake’s current state in the hands of Democrats. Are you sure that she thinks she will do this to herself?

Lake performed poorly in the state election, regardless if she was robbed. Just before the election, she insulted Arizona Republican voters.

Jon Gabriel, Arizona’s reporter, reported that Lake said at a rally “We don’t have any McCain Republicans there, do you?” Don’t lose heart… Arizona has produced some losers.

I was reckless and foolish to do this. This could have cost Lake his election.

She is now being investigated by the state government that she helped to establish, possibly by the opposition.