Kamala Harris Was The Person Who Never Did Their Assignment In Group Projects

After the Biden Administration announced its plans to end former President Trump’s “Remain In Mexico” program and allow asylum seekers to just walk through the border, U.S House Rep Andy Biggs criticized Vice President Kamala Harris’s lack of leadership throughout the border crisis.

“Given the current state of the border, Kamala must have been that one person in group projects that never did their part of the assignment,” Biggs tweeted.

Joe Biden also announced that he will be sending VP Harris on a ‘vaccine tour’ across the Midwest and South, but not the border. Despite calls from GOP politicians that the border is a real emergency for all American citizens, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris continue to let human traffickers and cartels exploit children at the border. The rise in crime and lack of resources has also led many states to declare a ‘state of emergency,’ including Texas.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott issued the disaster declaration in the face of the surge of illegal immigrants and said that the state will continue to confront the border despite the federal government’s absence. “Landowners along the border are seeing their property damaged and vandalized on a daily basis while the Biden Administration does nothing to protect them,” Abbott said.

Brooks County Sheriff Benny Martinez even states that this year is already far worse than 2019 and that Texas will become the deadliest state in the country for illegal immigrants, with the largest influx of illegal aliens in more than two decades.

On March 24th, Biden had nominated VP Harris to lead administration efforts against the migrants pouring across the border. He blamed the surge of migrants on the Trump Administration and said that the vice president’s leadership will “enhance migration enforcement at their borders.”

The migrant facilities started getting publicized on social media due to being overcrowded and described as “terrible living conditions for children.” Harris’s role as Border czar has been described as ‘minimal’ by mainstream media outlets – others would argue that it is ‘nonexistent.’

While VP Harris did say that she would visit the border at some point, Rep. Andy Biggs said that her absence proves to be more and more controversial. He also slammed Biden’s budget proposal for fiscal 2022 which nixed funding for a border wall. He said that Biden’s budget contains no additional DHS funding, but highlights efforts to ‘combat climate change.’ “Climate activism has no place in our national security efforts,” he said in a tweet.

Sen. Ted Cruz also mocked Harris’ leadership when it comes to leading the border crisis. He includes a GIF snippet from “Monty Python and the Holy Grail” where knights are shown dropping their shields as they flee. “Run away! Run away!’ words on the video say.

“On the border crisis, Kamala invokes an old leadership style…” Cruz captioned.

When it comes to securing the border, VP Harris has quit her job and Biden is emptying out the funds for the sake of ‘climate change.’ And the Dems won’t even call it a crisis.