Kamala Harris Stirs Controversy With Planned Parenthood Visit in Minnesota: What’s the Real Purpose?

In a transparent effort to reach out to a Democratic constituency, Vice President Kamala will visit a Planned Parenthood Clinic during a Minnesota trip. This visit, scheduled for Thursday, is being heralded as the very first by a Vice President to visit a Planned Parenthood Clinic.

A White House official told CNN that Vice President Kamala Harris would visit a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic in Minnesota, on Thursday. This is the first time an American president or vice president has visited a provider of abortions.

The visit will serve Harris’ efforts in highlighting an issue that the campaign believes will galvanize voters moderates in November.

Another White House official confirms that the vice president will be visiting Minnesota as part of her “Fight for Reproductive Freedoms Tour” and is expected to visit the Planned Parenthood clinic and talk with staff members about reproductive rights.

Harris started her tour in Wisconsin in January and has since performed in California, Georgia, and Arizona.

The question is, “What then?”

This seems to be a waste of time, for two reasons.

The VP’s trip is a transparent campaign, and Minnesota is a reliably Democratic state. It seems a waste to campaign in a safe territory so early in the season.

Again, it seems that a Planned Parenthood Clinic, its staffers, and its patients are overwhelmingly Democrat constituents; this is a waste.

This is safe ground, even though abortion is the third rail in Democrat politics and the VP is screeching, along with most Democrats, over the Supreme Court Dobbs ruling that they always misunderstand.

Why does the vice president bother to come here and give the inevitable word soup?

It’s because it’s a safe place. The Vice President, in all honesty, is not fit to make any comments anywhere other than on safe ground. She isn’t smart enough to answer tough questions. Her political knowledge is that of a rutabaga. And her attempts to speak make as much sense to me as a plate full of beans trying their best to get out of someone’s bowels.

This is the reason for your visit:

As it seeks moderate voters, especially women, the campaign focuses on abortion as a central message.

According to a KFF survey, about half of all registered voters in the United States believe that this year’s election will have “major impacts” on abortion access. About 1 in 8 voters say abortion is their most important voting issue.

Biden/Harris may be missing a few things: first, while it’s true that about half of all voters believe the elections this year will have a major effect on abortion access, a large number of these people support some restrictions on abortion access, and they won’t vote Democrat. Second, the “1 in 8”, should be concerning. The economy and illegal immigration will likely be the key issues that determine the outcome of the election. These issues do not favor the Biden Administration.

This trip, and this entire tour, is pure pandering. It’s probably best for the campaign, as Vice President Harris is known to pander.