Kamala Harris Explains Caribbean Geography to World, World Stares Slack-Jawed

You have to give it to President Joe Biden, who knows exactly who to hire in order to look the smartest and most intelligent person in the room with staff picks such as Kamala Harris or Karine Jean-Pierre.

Ask him. He’ll tell you how smart. On a good day, he won’t need to be asked. He is not afraid to tell you about his imaginary achievements and prowess.

Ben Bartee, PJ Media’s Head of Media, already had fun with KJP’s most recent (and most revealing!) bouts of chronic verbal diarrhea. The White House Spokesmodel was tripped up by a friend of the White House’s steno pool.

KJP pleaded and stammered, “Ed — Ed — Ed. We don’t have — we don’t need this.” “We work well together… Ed, you don’t have to be unhappy with me here.

A PressSec who cannot handle even mildly contentious media – this is why I have to call her the White House Spokesmodel. Although she is pleasant to look at, her actions are hardly anything but getting in front of cameras.

KJP deserves credit, but only a small amount.

Kamala Harris is allegedly the Vice President. She is encouraged to travel abroad with foreign visitors.

Imagine, if possible, an old man who is just a skip away from the presidency and speaks to foreign dignitaries like they are second-graders.

The “imagine” part is a joke. Harris does this type of thing all the times.

Now, let’s get to the Quick & Dirty VodkaPundit Transcript ™. All transcribing errors are mine. Kamala Harris is responsible for any sense that appears to be a mistake.

I have convened, at least three times, a group with the acronym CARICOM. It’s the Caribbean nations. It is the Caribbean nations. The Western Hemisphere. This is also where you will find the Caribbean. We also reside in the Western Hemisphere. They are our neighbours.

Greg Price asked, “Seriously? Wtf is her deal?” Anybody who was called up to the front to read aloud a book review they didn’t write is aware of exactly what her deal is.

The more you learn…