Kamala Harris Bombs In ABC Interview On White House Tensions, And That’s Hard To Do

Fox News host Jesse Watters recently criticized Vice President Kamala Harris’s interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos, suggesting it failed miserably. Harris laughed when she was asked if she felt “misused, or under-used” during the interview.

She went on to say that should have been an easy interview. Watters stated that this is where you clean up and she couldn’t do it. Watters stated that the VP was forced to take responsibility for her damage after receiving a report about dysfunction in her office, as well as accusations that her staff is fighting with Biden’s staff.

White House officials tweeted praise for Harris following the report, with White House press secretary Jen Psaki tweeting that Harris is not only vital but bold and taking on key challenges facing the country.

Watters said that Kamala’s Team feels like she’s been sidelined and saddled Avec no-wind jobs… Harris hates the job of being the face for Joe Biden’s border disaster. Kamala is showing that she is far beyond her peers when it comes to managing this problem. Later, Psaki implied that Harris’ struggles were influenced by racism and sexism.

Psaki stated that she believes it was easier and harsher for some right-wing members to pursue her because she is the first woman of color. Harris received 28% approval in the polls, 10 points less than Biden. Ashley Etienne, vice president’s communications director, recently resigned amid low poll numbers, dysfunction stories, and a lack of support.

Harris told ABC that polls go up and down.