Kamala Harris Blasted For Claiming Voters Got What They Asked For In Electing Her, Biden

Vice President Kamala Harris was attacked by critics for saying during a speech at The White House that American voters got what they wanted when they elected President Biden and her.

Harris made the claim at a Black History Month celebration when she stopped to commemorate Biden’s nomination for Judge Ketanji Jack to be the first Black woman on the Supreme Court.

Harris shared his feelings of pride and hope with the crowd. Elections matter, as we all know. Voting is a way for people to order what they want. In this instance, they received what they wanted.

Harris said, laughing, “I went off-script a bit.”

Harris was criticized by critics who took to social media to attack Harris. Some listed the administration’s many failures while others predicted a defeat for Democrats during the November midterm elections.

“The American people did not ask for any of these: Record Inflation and Record Border Crisis, Closed Schools. Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) wrote that there was a war on American energy, Afghanistan disaster and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Sarah Sanders, former White House press secretary, called the Biden administration “a complete and total failure.”

According to the ABC poll, Biden received a 37% approval rating. This was not something people asked for. “She is a terrible politician,” ex-Trump 2020 campaign communications director Tim Murtaugh wrote. Other critics had predicted Harris’ comments would be used to fuel Republican campaigns across the nation.

Harris’ remarks came at a time when Americans were less satisfied with the Biden administration’s job performance than they were before it took office. A recent poll showed that 37% of Americans approve of Biden.

Harris was faced with a staff exodus at the start of the year. She also has historically low job performance ratings. The Real Clear Politics average from all national surveys gave Harris a 37.5% approval rating, and a 51% disapproval rating, through February 24.

Americans also gave the administration poor grades in handling the economy following January’s inflation spike.