Kamala Accidentally KOs Herself and Joe Biden on ‘Late Night’

Kamala Harris was spotted with Seth Myers at “Late Night” Monday night.
It’s late-night comedy, yes. This is the type of interview Joe Biden or Kamala Harris love. It’s obvious that there won’t be many difficult moments, so they are treated with little regard.

Myers began by selling too much.

Kamala Harris is as unpopular Joe Biden. Kamala Harris is not being allowed to go.

There were also those hard, intense questions about her sacrifices and emojis.

He never called her out for the people she had sent to jail for marijuana possession.

Tulsi Gabbard busted Kamala during the 2020 presidential debate precisely on this point.

Harris was also quite a mouthful about prioritizing children. We all know that Democrats always talk about children. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi often says, “It’s all for the children.” But everything they do tends towards destroying the future of our children.

Did Myers put her under oath for failing to handle the border issue? He asked her about Texas Governor. Greg Abbott sent illegal aliens to her Washington, D.C. doorstep. Harris accidentally sent Joe Biden illegal aliens to her doorstep in Washington, D.C. Harris responded with her own response.

Wait, who is dereliction-of-duty here? This problem was created by you not implementing all of the President Donald Trump’s protections. You have also done nothing to stop people rushing across the border every day since your election. Harris was assigned the task of addressing the border, while Biden continues to ship people across the country at night. It’s now the Republican governors who have failed to respond to the Biden/Harris failure. Is it possible to take her words seriously?

Harris was even able to travel to Texas last week, but she didn’t go to the border. She attended a fundraiser. Priorities. They are what she talks about and she shows them through her actions. She is the epitome of dereliction.