July 4th Mob Video Features Lawyer Who Escaped Charges After 2020 Molotov Cocktail Attack on Police

A lawyer was disbarred and charged with arson during the Black Lives Matter demonstrations in 2020 after George Floyd died. He had thrown a Molotov Cocktail through the window of a police vehicle. Urooj Raham was the lawyer.

Rahman, an immigrant to the United States from Pakistan, was facing life imprisonment when Judge Cogan sentenced her to only 15 months. At her sentencing, he said that she was “a remarkable person who committed a terrible act on a single night”.

Rahman said she was caught up in her emotions, but has since found her spirituality. She also sought treatment for alcoholism and psychiatric problems. For anyone gullible to believe it, the story sounded wonderful. But, when we saw her face on July 4, 2014, she looked gleeful.

Rahman was in Colombia on behalf of Nerdeen’s Kiswani group Within Our Lifetime. They were responsible for the Colombian mob occupation and camp. Kiswani herself is a piece.

Rahman’s texts from 2020 show her bragging about violence.

She said, “Set a car of police on fire.”

“My rock struck someone.” Richardson stated she had added “a cop, of course” in another message and used a smiley-face emoji.

She added, “Molotovs rolling in,” in another. “I hope that they burn down everything.” “Need to burn down all police stations and possibly the courts too.”

What is the point at which a person’s behavior qualifies as a violation of naturalization? When should someone be deemed a terrorist? They would not be able to thrive in the United States without direct and indirect government support. Rahman’s bail for her crime in 2020 was a controversial issue:

“We do not believe that this is the right time to release a bomb thrower like the defendant in the community,” said Assistant U.S. Attorney Ian Richardson.

Salmha Rizvi, a former Obama Intelligence official, covered the cost of $255,000 and Rahman was released. Rahman’s release was overturned by an appeals court, which had the right to do so.

Before Rahman received her sentence, the woman made an emotional plea to be given a second chance.

Rahman, a tearful Rahman, said at federal court in Brooklyn: “I am so very sorry for my reckless actions and mistakes.” “I can’t find the words to describe my regret and sorrow. … “I completely lost my direction in the emotional night.”

We see her again four years later, participating in a riot. This cannot be considered a spontaneous emotion but a premeditated hatred. She has proven to be a serial rioter and we will let her go with minimal consequences in 2020.

The anti-Israel riots this year, led by the group, were violent, destructive, and in violation of the law. Rahman’s history and her connection to this group is concerning. Who knows what is not on camera?

What can be done about serial rioters? This has become a norm and trend since 2020. We need stricter laws against any protests that are not peaceful and for hate speech. We may not enforce existing laws in some cases.

It is unfair to the many people who would do anything to have a shot at the American Dream. We are doing a disservice not only to ourselves but also to the people who we let immigrate to the United States by allowing them to show this kind of hatred. Anybody who has been involved in the burning of a US flag should be stripped of their citizenship. We must be an example to those who wish to join our country. You will either love it, respect it, and make a contribution to society or you will not be able to.