Jon Tester’s Biden Defense Is a Desperate Attempt to Save Face

We are already at the stage in the presidential campaign of 2024 where a few brave souls are dipping into the age/cognitive ability question and asking their Democrat allies if they believe Biden is still fit for another four-year term in office.

Sen. Jon Tester (D-Mont.) was the lucky recipient of one of these questions courtesy of NBC News of all places, which interviewed Tester ahead of what’s expected to be an uphill reelection campaign for him headed into a presidential election year.

Their answer was straightforward and mild-mannered.

When asked if he was concerned about the age of President Joe Biden, Tester responded that he believes Biden is “absolutely” 100% in agreement with his 80-year-old self.

He’s doing an excellent job. Tester stated, “I think people are making it out to be more than it really is.” We’ll see how I am at 82. I don’t think I will run for president.

Tester’s answer was not as good as he thought:

“Joe Biden is absolutely on top of it when I have seen him in the news. He’s fine, and doing a great job. I’m not even a doctor, I am a dairy farmer. I think people are making it out to be more than it is.”


“When I’ve been around him, and it’s not every day”? That’s one of the biggest “outs” I’ve ever seen in politics and I’ve heard a lot of them over my decades paying attention to what politicians say and how they operate.

Tester is defending Joe Biden despite his obvious stumbles, which were evident long before he was elected. In fact, it was Democrats and media figures that first raised concerns about his age and cognitive fitness in 2019.

The NRSC clip below shows that Tester’s claim is highly questionable, more than just the fact that he’s giving himself a pass.

Tim Sheehy, who is competing to become Tester’s GOP rival in the fall 2024 election, has also shared the clip.

“WOW. Sheehy said that despite his failures, corruption, and America’s Last policies, Jon Tester believes President Biden does a ‘good job’.

It’s time to get rid of the two of them.

The tape does not lie. This is true for Joe Biden’s absurd claims that he was “fine” and that he “was absolutely 100% with it.” Tester’s fourth Senate run next year may not be “fine” if conservative voters in Montana, a red state that is pro-Trump, are as tired of being insulted for their intelligence as we are.