John Rich Struggles Not to Break Down While Honoring His WWII Vet Papaw and Grandma

Fox Nation’s latest episode of “Tucker Carlson Today”, aired Tuesday. It featured Tucker’s first interview with John Rich, a country music star and musician from Big & Rich.

Tucker asked Rich, a man who grew up in trailers, what he did to make money.

Carson frequently asked actors and performers of overnight success what their first major purchase was. Eddie Murphy, an actor/singer, was interviewed for a 1987 interview to promote Beverly Hills Cop 2. Although he tried to avoid answering Carson’s question, Murphy admitted that he had also spent a lot on luxury watches after the host mentioned that his first major spending spree was on a nice timepiece.

Rich responded to Tucker’s question on Tuesday without hesitation:

This is a confusing concept. I bought a house for my grandparents.

He continues to say that it was for his Granny Rich and Papaw Rich, who were World War II veterans. He describes his grandmother as “a woman born in the Dust Bowl Days of the Great Depression in West Texas.” He continues:

These things were happening simultaneously, and they were all related to Social Security. Her hours were still 40-50 hours per week at a dollar shop. He is trying to turn used cars.

I got my hands on the money, and I thought, you’re right, the only reason that I can chase these dreams was because of an old man who fought, bled, and died to protect our rights.

Rich talks and images of his grandparents appear on the screen. He struggles to keep it all together and doesn’t fall apart. Rich says that he felt compelled by their need to stop working later in life. In the video below, you can see his big smile when he talks about the house he bought them.

We lose more of the great heroes from our country’s history as the years go by. It is important to remember the sacrifices and struggles they made for our freedoms today. John Rich is a good example of a Christian who shows his priorities by sharing his thoughts and then following through with actions.