John Fetterman’s Bad Health Becomes a Bigger Issue

We reported that John Fetterman, a Democrat senatorial candidate, pulled out of the first debate in Pittsburgh. Mehmet Oz, the Republican challenger from Pennsylvania, claimed that Mehmet was not taking the race seriously.

Fetterman is running a campaign that is focused on memes and vegetable jokes. Repeating “New Jersey” over and over is a sign of his seriousness. Is Oz calling Fetterman out because he refused to debate? That was borderline. This race was absurd, did I not mention it?

Everyone knows Fetterman doesn’t debate because he can’t physically debate. His recovery seems to have stalled months after he suffered a major stroke. He gives short speeches, usually lasting between 2-5 minutes. This shows a man struggling with his processing functions and is far from healthy.

These issues have been ignored by the media to this point, which is something that a Republican would never do. One outlet finally touched on the third rail. The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette published a piece asking whether Fetterman is fit enough to serve as a senator.

The Post-Gazette does not represent a right-wing publication. They took shots at Oz and claimed he had operated in an “adolescent way.” Ignoring this, it is good to see that Fetterman is acknowledged as clearly unhealthy.

Fetterman’s inability to debate has taken the air out of his sails a bit. His snarky one-liners on Twitter, no doubt written by his staffers, just don’t hit with the same intensity when he can’t even show up to defend his positions. His jabs are growing stale as well. How many times can you claim Oz is from New Jersey or talk about “crudites” before voters start to wonder what your plan on crime is?

Pennsylvanians deserve a senator willing to speak with them and answer their questions. Fetterman has only done one interview since his stroke. That was with Stephanie Ruhle, a far-left MSNBC host. Given his physical condition, voters should not consider Fetterman a candidate in November if he refuses to debate.