Joe Biden Gives Unbelievable Must-Hear Response to Classified Documents Found in His Garage

Because of how incredible this story is, I am almost speechless when I begin this article. We may have reached peak-Biden. But, I don’t think it gets any crazier than this.

We reported previously that Joe Biden’s Wilmington, DE home was the location of the second cache of classified documents. They were found in Joe Biden’s garage with at least one additional document in an adjoining room.

The president was finally asked questions by Peter Doocy on Thursday. Here’s what he said.

Joseph Robinette Biden is the President of the United States. He says he was able to excuse his taking and keeping classified information in his garage. I wonder what his handlers thought when he said that line. It was a grave error to let him out of lockdown and in front of the media.

The press is not reacting in the same manner to this incident as Trump’s mishandling of classified data. This is unfortunate, but it’s expected. I can still recall the gasps that erupted when the DOJ published a photo of documents laid out on the floor in a Mar-a-Lago closet. They bleated about how they could have been so reckless! They proclaimed that anyone could have gained access to the locked cupboard.

We have classified documents next to a Corvette in the garage. The response is muted. It’s being reported in contrast to Trump’s previous hyperventilating. Trump does not set the legal benchmark, but it is clear that Biden illegally seized and stored classified information. Biden cannot also argue that he has declassified them. This is what’s important, not whether it’s an exact copy of Trump’s actions.

There’s more to this story than I think, so members of the media should consider whether they are willing to go out on limbs that will continue to be cut. Merrick Garland has already announced, and it doesn’t seem to be about Biden’s greatness. These things are getting worse, and although I believe no one will be held responsible on a legal level, there is still a lot of political damage to come. Get ready to buckle up.