Jillian Michaels Blasts Bill Maher over Inflation: ‘Buy Some Eggs!’

Bill Maher, a liberal comedian and former “Biggest Loser,” spoke with him on his podcast to discuss inflation in the wake of the COVID-19 epidemic. She criticized Maher for saying that “inflation was not insane” by 2024.

Maher discussed the pandemic and claimed that the United States fared better economically than other nations.

“But, isn’t that amazing to you?” This country has come out much better than the newspaper today. Maher stated on his Sunday podcast that we won the pandemic economically.

“We did?” Michaels replied, “I don’t think that way.” “Explain to me.” Michaels retorted. “I feel inflation is insane.”

Michaels replied to Maher’s argument that inflation was not as severe as he thought. “Bill, you should go and buy a car. A house here has tripled in value. Buy some f***ing eggs!”

A recent Axios Vibes poll on inflation revealed that many Americans are angry and anxious about high grocery prices. Prices are still higher than before 2020, even though inflation has fallen significantly from 2022’s record highs. According to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), Americans will have to spend about $125.51 on groceries in December 2019 that previously cost $100.

Maher pointed out this contrast between the way Americans perceive inflation and what economic reality is.

He said, “There are feelings and there are numbers.” He went on to say that “the numbers” have dropped a lot over the past six months. He said that the initial problem was “inevitable”, a result of the COVID plan, whereby the government “gave out $6 trillion to everyone so they could hide under their beds from the forever flu.” “It was never going to end well.”

He said that inflation was caused by a “massive reaction”.

He said, “The overall picture is that other nations are in a much worse position than ours, but for some reason, this country just keeps chugging along”.

“Immigration. “We are being kinda overrun. It doesn’t seem like it affects anything!” Maher laughed.

“Is it going to implode eventually? Will there be a straw at the end? Michaels replied, “I would say yes.”

Maher said America was like a “stupid, but strong” teenager driving over the speed limits, but “for now, we’re enjoying ourselves.”

Michaels: “I think we can get away with some things, and some we cannot.”

Maher also agreed.