Jill Biden Gushes Over Joe’s Handling of Chinese Spy Balloon

Joe Biden’s response was, if we weren’t aware, a clear indicator of his problems as a leader.

It was not removed when it entered American airspace on Jan. 28 from the waters off Alaska.

Biden wants to believe that he told military personnel to remove the balloon as soon as possible. Was it not removed by Jan. 31 when the balloon entered our airspace?

It’s false, sorry. Joe would probably have let it go if it wasn’t for the backlash. It wouldn’t have been shot. Once it has traveled across the country collecting any information, it is shot down.

Even though it doesn’t feel like a victory, Jill Biden took a victory lap in place of Joe.

She stated, “I was so proud of the effort and that our military took the balloon down, how coordinated it all was. It was so thoughtful. It was so thoughtful.

“I hope all Americans will think about the military. Joe and I think about them every day. We pray at dinner for them.” She stated.

It makes me wonder if Biden would have tried to bring it down even if we had not discovered it. This was before the vehicle crossed the country.

Jill was less impressed by Joe’s thoughtfulness as the House Judiciary.

This is an absolute delusion to win a victory lap.