Jeffrey Epstein Lawyer Alan Dershowitz Confronted by Kim Iversen, Melts Down

Famous lawyer Alan Dershowitz, who had Jeffrey Epstein as a client, gave an interview to Kim Iversen, an intrepid journalist. It didn’t work out very well.

Iversen starts the interview with a clever question about Trump’s trial. The interview could be compared to a police interrogation. The detective would start the interview with friendly banter. This is done to build personal relationships and provide a safe space for the detective to share information that may otherwise be guarded.

Iversen’s approach is in perfect harmony with Dershowitz, whose obvious reason for agreeing to the interview was to hock his book, Get Trump. Unprompted, he holds it up to the camera.

All is well for Dershowitz in his mind until Iversen drops it at the 9:30 mark. He is politely questioned by her about his connection to Jeffrey Epstein, which you can read all about here.

Dershowitz rhetorically asks, “Are your used to people coming on your show to discuss one subject and then sandbagging you on another subject?” He replies, “This will be the last time you have me on your program,” when Iversen thanked him for being there.

She replies, “I think that I got everything I needed from you,” she says.

Dershowitz could have just written down the accusations in short paragraphs and achieved his goal of selling his book without much fuss. He turned it into a spectacle and made the entire thing worse for his public image.

Imagine how chutzpah it must be to deny indignation when you are asked about your personal relationship with the most notorious child trafficker in the world. Epstein’s mysterious demise seemed to be intended to close the door on public scrutiny about his vast network of influence. His network included two former presidents, Bill Gates, and several other prominent figures. It is absurd to expect to skate without the topic being brought up, especially if you have been previously accused of having sex with a minor (facilitated by Epstein), as Dershowitz has.

The viewer can watch the wheels turn as Dershowitz plots his moves to pressure Iversen into editing the interview. In a follow up segment, she provides evidence that he did.

It is worth watching the entire interview, starting at the 9:30 mark. I have two conclusions. First, it takes uncommon moral fortitude and second, Dershowitz’s intimate knowledge about Epstein’s operation warrants further investigation whenever and wherever he is in the public sphere. Kudos to Kim Iversen.