Jason Aldean Edits Controversial Music Video: Did He Cave to the Woke Mob?

The song “Try That In A Small Town” by Jason Aldean has been a hit. Popularity pimps and race hustlers have labeled it as racist. The race hustlers and popularity pimps did all kinds of gymnastics to prove their hypothesis. I agree with those who believe that a hit country song is just the start of a successful pop career.

Alden’s video has been edited to conform to standards and practices used by people who backbite, struggle for upward mobility, and engage in other behaviors that are normally associated with bedbugs or cockroaches in motel rooms.

I don’t trust what Cheong claims, I have a feeling that Aldean knew that his days of getting invited to the Grammys were over the day the album debuted. And if he didn’t, he certainly does now. There is nothing he can do beyond seppuku to restore his image among the carrion eaters. And even then, they would dig up his corpse for a post-mortem hanging. And then they would cancel him. And hang him again. But in the music business, one sells more than one’s music. One also sells one’s soul on some occasions. And it is entirely possible that his label was frantically looking for an escape hatch rather than paying attention to actual music sales. And they got one.

TMZ reports that the Alden video used footage from a news report by Fox 5 in Atlanta. That footage shows BLM rioters and incidentally runs for all of six seconds. TMZ says that the company that produced the video contacted Fox and asked for permission to use the footage. According to the article, Fox wanted some context. In this case, the lyrics. The company sent a link to the video but not the lyrics. Roughly one week ago, Fox issued what has been characterized as a “polite ultimatum” to the production company, requesting that the footage be removed. The company complied to avoid going to court

You can still access the original version on social media.

There are many videos online. It would have been easy for the company to find someone who was willing to donate footage.

CMT would be playing his song every 30 minutes if it was in support of trans people, social justice, CRT, DEI, or any other cause.

Fox wouldn’t have said anything. Fox might have had to build an extra room in his house for the Grammys and other awards.

Hank didn’t do it that way. Aldean didn’t record this kind of song. They did not write some vapid piece of music in a California studio, in a Petri dish. Aldean recorded some fluff so his producers could overlay on a country music video with images of women in sheets rolling around barefoot or of fires or rickety vehicles or other window dressing.

The machine was not able to handle the truth. It was too much.