Japanese McDonald’s Ad Featuring Wholesome Family Angers the Left

Many people say that you can never predict what will make the left angry, but they are pretty predictable. If you see a wholesome family photo, be prepared to get angry.

Some leftists have gone crazy over some Japanese McDonald’s commercials.

These ads are largely wholesome and are praised by American audiences for their emphasis on sweet emotions, and for the quality of the animation. Here’s an example. This commercial shows a girl with a chair who has come to life. The girl recalls that her mother told her when she was a child that she would be able to have a Big Mac as she grew older. It’s strange, but also oddly wholesome.

It’s another McDonald’s advertisement from Japan which seems to have penetrated the thin skin of the Left. The ad features a young couple, including a mother, father, and little girl eating McDonald’s together at the table. It’s just a cute and wholesome video.

The woke were apparently outraged by this and, before you knew it they had claimed that antisemites and white supremacists were having a good day. Consider this bizarre reaction.


The Japanese ads generate a variety of strange feelings of outrage. While their reasoning may be bizarre, they reveal what is really bothering them.

They see a family in happiness.

Radicals on the Left hate the concept of a nuclear home. The radicals on the left have made it clear several times that the destruction of the nuclear family is a major objective in the reformation of the West. They believe that children born in America should be the property of the state, so they can be raised with a leftist mindset.

This is an old Marxist objective. Black Lives Matter’s self-described “trained Marxists”, had the image on their website until they took it down.

McDonald’s Japan’s actions are dangerous for this plan. They want corporations or individuals with large platforms to convey the message of social injustice either subtly, or very, very direct. This little McDonald’s post in 2020 is a good example.

They want to hear this nonsense all the time. Allusions to traditional values can set their movement back or reinforce the ideals of traditional values.

When they see ads from Japan, some people lose their cool and start spouting nonsense like antisemitism and homophobia.

They don’t realize that, deep down, they want what they are angry about, but can’t have it. In their minds, they believe that everyone must be unhappy because they are deeply unhappy.