James Woods Checkmates NY Gov. Hochul After She Tries Vilifying Carrying In Self-Defense

New York Governor Kathy Hochul is not happy with the Supreme Court’s recent decision to overturn a New York law that required that there be “proper cause” in order to get a concealed-carry permit. The highest court of the land ruled that you don’t have to give the government any reason to possess a firearm. It is a right and it has been for a long time.

Hochul is left with no choice but to throw temper tantrums, which look more like a grown-up complaining. Naturally, the leftist media will allow Hochul to have her fits right in front of their cameras.

Hochul was interviewed by CBS’s morning program about people who want to carry guns to defend themselves against crime. This is understandable in such a conservative state.

Hochul said, “It makes everyone feel very unsafe.”

The governor of New York stated that concealed carry firearms could be easily activated if someone looks at someone’s girlfriend or at a bar. Hochul didn’t seem to have an answer.

After saying that she was okay with people owning guns for hunting or for the protection of their homes, Hochul said that they have always “allowed that”, further proving New York Democrats aren’t aware of what a right is. Hochul then reacted to questions about criminal actions by legal gun owners and said that citizens are responsible for locking down their guns properly. She also stated that 25% of gun crime is committed with stolen guns.

As you can see, Hochul is after you and your rights. Every action she’s taking involves complicating your ability to own and carry.

Because you are too unpredictable and irresponsible to be trusted with a firearm to protect yourself, even if you’re a law-abiding citizen. It’s better for everyone to rely on luck when it comes to protecting yourself while you are outside your home. Hochul says guns are too dangerous to use for self-defense.

It’s hard to imagine how they would feel safe around you if it was hidden, but I digress.

James Woods, an actor, observed something quite interesting about Hochul’s position regarding having firearms nearby for protection. You can see Hochul being protected by eight guns in a video he posted.

Hochul isn’t stating what she really believes. Hochul clearly knows that firearms are a great choice to deter trouble and provide protection in the event of an emergency.

It’s not that she doesn’t believe it for you. You can’t be in control of your fate. Hochul believes, as do many Democrats, that they should be protected with firearms.

Privileges for me but not for you. It is hypocrisy at its worst.