James Comer Reveals Crucial Details Regarding Alleged Biden Bribery Scandal

Rep. James Comer is pushing back against disinformation being spread by Democrats about the ongoing bribery scandal involving President Joe Biden. In a recent op-ed, the congressman discussed four key details that debunk some of what has been said and express the seriousness of the issue.

Comer has conducted an investigation to determine if Biden was bribed for millions of dollars by the founder of Burisma Holdings, Mykola Zlochevsky. Zlochevsky, according to one source, is a Russian spy.

Comer’s article (Fox News):

Democrats peddle conspiracies, claiming the FD-1023 documents are based on hearsay. FD-1023 was generated by a source who worked with the FBI for ten years.

To say that information is “second-hand hearsay” has never worked. FD-1023 was obtained from a source with a long history of working for the FBI. You can’t believe they made it up. Are Democrats saying that informants are to be thrown out?

The Democrats claim that Rudy Giuliani also gave the FBI records in January 2020. That is not true. FD-1023 contains information that comes from a confidential FBI source and dates back to an FD-1023 that was issued in 2017.

The claim that Rudy Giuliani sourced the FD-1023 in question is a lie that got repeated multiple times by Rep. Jamie Raskin, who is playing the part of Adam Schiff in obstructing the investigation into Biden. Raskin and other Democrats said that as a way to discredit the source. It is simply untrue, as Comer points out. The source in question was not Giuliani but a seasoned confidential human source that worked with the FBI going back to the Obama administration. Further, as noted, the FD-1023 that was generated in 2020 was a re-upping of what was submitted in 2017.

Third, the FD-1023 was generated by the FBI based on FBI records dating back to 2017. In January 2020, the Department of Justice finished an assessment of the material provided to them. Democrats claim the DOJ investigated the FD-1023 and then did nothing. The FBI will not reveal the information that they used to make their assessment.

It sounds as if the FBI is trying to hide everything.

Raskin has recently told a lie, which Comer has uncovered. Namely. An investigation into the FD-1023 is closed.

Don’t forget that the allegations in the documents are still open. FBI and former Attorney General William Barr have refuted Democrats’ claims that the Biden Bribery Investigation is closed. Barr said this week in a press release that the investigation had not been closed but was instead sent to Delaware for further investigation.

Bill Barr, the former AG, confirmed the investigation was not closed, but instead was handed over to the US Attorney’s Office in Delaware.

In his op/ed, Comer promises to investigate the matter because no one else will. Both FBI Director Christopher Wray and AG Merrick Gault have shown little interest in the Biden Bribery Case and have appeared to go to great lengths concealing it. If this is true, the American people deserve to know the truth.