Jack Brewer Demands Joy Reid Apologize Or He’ll File Defamation Suit

Jack Brewer, philanthropist, and ex-NFL football player, has asked Joy Reid to apologise for tweeting a photo showing young Black men at an event attended Florida Governor. Ron DeSantis signed an anti critical-race theory bill that was “tantamount to child abuse.” Brewer claimed that the two young boys in the photograph were his students from his mentoring and education programs. They also knew why they were there.

Brewer stated that Joy Reid had been with the wrong boys Monday, and that he retained legal counsel to assist him in a possible case of defamation.

Reid had retweeted Friday a message by Florida state senator Shevrin Jones criticizing DeSantis for the photograph that DeSantis took at the event where the governor signed “Stop Woke.”

“The abuse of Black boys amounts child abuse. I would like to learn more about the history and how these children ended up at DeSantis events. Reid tweeted that Reid’s tweet was particularly sick given how anti-Black DeSantis is.

The photo features children who were part of programs Brewer developed, such as The Serving Institute and The Heroes. Both fall under The Jack Brewer Foundation.

Brewer stated Monday that the program is faith-based. He also said in a telephone interview that it stands firm on God’s word. “For people being questioned…this just tragedy. That is the problem in Black America. This is exactly what is happening in underserved areas right now. Joy Reid is a prime example of the crisis that’s sweeping Black America.

He stated, “The safety and security for my children and our program is the greatest concern that we share.” “We received many phone calls from parents and others regarding the insane act Joy committed.

Reid tweeted an update to her tweet from last weekend. Reid stated that sources told Reid that Reid had received information that the boys in Reid’s photo were from Miami charter school and didn’t know why.

Reid wrote: “Update: I heard from a Florida source, that these Black boys used props to support America’s most racist governor came from a Miami charter school. I won’t identify the school that was involved in MAGA harassment/threats, as they may not have known why they were there.

Brewer stated that the boys in this photograph knew exactly why they were there. They also supported DeSantis in the past, as when the governor signed a bill providing more than $70million for fatherhood support.

Fox News Digital spoke to the aunt and guardian who is one of Reid’s boys. She said that the people upset are aware of the fact that these children were taught love and kindness, not hatred.

Jane Halbritter, Fox News Digital’s Monday telephone interview stated that Joy Reid’s thought process was so bizarre that no one can have independent thoughts about CRT matters.

MSNBC’s Media Team didn’t immediately respond to Fox News Digital’s request for comment on Brewer’s request for an apology and the retention of legal counsel.

Christina Pushaw (DeSantis’ press secretary) also addressed the topic on Saturday. She said that all attendees were made aware of its contents.