Ivanka’s One-Word Tweet Sparks Twitter War

    Trump Derangement Syndrome doesn’t only include liberals blaming everything on President Trump – it’s about attacking his family members as well. The radical left just started a media storm and political speculations over a one-word tweet by the President’s eldest daughter, Ivanka Trump. What was the word? Iowa.

    It started when Gov. Kim Reynolds tweeted out recognizing the 176th anniversary of the Hawkeye State’s admission to the Union. Ivanka retweeted the Gov’s message writing “Iowa” at the top with a heart and exclamation point.

    The tweet quickly grabbed over 10,000 likes and grabbed mixed reactions. One social media user, Washington Examiner Emily Larsen wrote “here we go?” Others pointed out that Ivanka is no stranger to Iowa. She previously helped Kim Reynolds campaign for a full four-year term as governor there just before the 2018 election. She also went there for a two-day swing on the night before the presidential elections, where Trump won Iowa by 8 points against President-elect Joe Biden.

    During an August campaign stop in New Hampshire, President Trump even hinted about his daughter taking on a political role “They’re all saying, ‘We want Ivanka!’ I don’t blame them,” he said. Trump family sources report that Ivanka has political ambition and wants to run for something, but still needs time to figure it out.

    Others speculate that Ivanka would try to run for the US Senate on a Florida ticket or run for Governor. She would be against Marco Rubio who is up for reelection in 2022. Mercury Public Affairs consultant Adam C. Smith shared that Ivanka would be the immediate frontrunner if she ran for the US Senate against Rubio. Rubio was crushed by Trump back in the 2016 presidential primary and would fall into the same pattern, given Donald Trump’s popularity in Florida.

    Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner recently purchased a $31 million waterfront estate on Indian Creek Island in Miami. Close sources shared that people should not be reading too much into the purchase since Donald Trump and Kushner’s brother Joshua live a little more than an hour’s drive away.

    Liberals will find a way to twist anything that a member of the Trump family does. Former Senate Judiciary counsel to Biden, Eric Columbus, also jumped on board with baseless conspiracy theories. “If Ivanka runs for president in 2024 she’ll split the vote with her father and hand the nomination to Don Jr,” he tweeted.

    It could be that Ivanka is making political moves in Iowa or she could just be celebrating the anniversary of the state union. No matter what she’s deciding, the radical left will always find a way to be upset.