It’s Time for Hillary to Pay for What She’s Done to America

Hillary Clinton lied. She knew Donald Trump wasn’t a Russian spy. Trump was aware that she lied. Trump was still pursued by the FBI despite knowing she lied. The CIA was aware that she lied. Barack Obama, the President, knew that she lied. Joe Biden also knew that she lied. The FBI covered for her. The CIA covered for her. The DOJ also covered for her. Joe Biden and Barack Obama both covered up for her.

The sarcastic epigram that Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn is credited with states: “We know, they know, they also know, we both know, but still they lie.”

He was describing the life and imprisonment of Stalin. It’s a good description of the Democrats’ rule at Main Justice and FBI. Justice is one thing, but there are also those of us who do not care about justice. As the Durham Report points out, America has reached new levels of political depravity. Members of one party are treated differently than members of another.

Merrick Garland, justice without fear or favour? My ass.

Durham writes that the “Clinton Plan,” was designed to distract attention from Clinton’s very real destruction of evidence, her emails. These were protected by a preservation order. According to declassified Clinton Plan Intelligence, on July 26, 2016 Clinton allegedly accepted a proposal by one of her advisors in foreign policy to link Trump with Russia to distract the public from the use of her private email server.

Clinton’s apparatchiks including Jennifer Palmieri and John Podesta told the Special Counsel that they were unaware of the plan to divert attention from Hillary’s emails scandal. They called such a plan ridiculous. Durham thought their protestations were ridiculous.

Hillary promoting the “connection” of Trump with the Alfa Bank scam. Sullivan, Joe Biden’s National Security Advisor — which could explain why the foreign policy of his administration is so chaotic — also amplified Hillary’s tweet.

The report says that Clinton’s campaign manager Robby Mook stated that in interviews with media that his campaign believed the Russian government was responsible for the DNC hacking to help Trump’s chances of winning the election and that Trump made troubling remarks.

The Wall Street Journal and Reuters, as well as Fusion GPS’s attack dogs, planted the false story among their media compliant colleagues.

Peter Fritsch, Fusion GPS, “emailed Franklin Foer, Slate, saying ‘now we have to do the next step, which is already in the works. Foer replied, ‘Good Deal – what’s the next step? Fritsch responded, “Is it a sexual scandal?” Foer replied, “Good deal – what’s the next level?

Mark Hosenball, a Reuters employee, sent an email to Glenn Simpson, Fusion GPS, on July 25, 2016. The message stated that if Glenn had any information about Carter Page, including his latest Russian trip, please send it. send. Send.

It’s time that someone was held accountable for the lies which have corroded even the depths of “intelligence communities,” including the FBI and the entire body politic. This has reached the Obama White House, where then-CIA director John Brennan informed President Obama of “the alleged approval by Hillary Clinton of a proposal by one of her advisors on July 26, 2016 to vilify Donald Trump through stirring up a controversy claiming Russian interference.”

These Washington elites are not going to D.C. Gulag along with the January 6ers. No one has apologized to Donald Trump or the American people for this chaotic cauldron.

Who pays?


If no one is willing to pay in prison, then I propose a punishment for Hillary Clinton. She was allegedly receiving millions of dollars in bribes from the Clinton Foundation. The investigation into the Clinton Foundation had been shut down by the FBI and DOJ.

Durham included the text between FBI attorney Lisa Page, and investigator Peter Strzok.

Page: Another thing: [Clinton] could be our next President. You don’t want to go in loaded with bear. Do you think she will remember that the doj was outnumbered by fbi in this case?

Strzok: Agreed ….

You can get away with a lot when you are a Democrat.

The Mueller Special Council investigation cost American taxpayers an estimated $32 million.

Mueller’s “investigation”, which was meant to cover up the Trump Russia and Alfa Bank scams, found that Trump had done nothing wrong. This is because, as we have learned, Hillary’s idea that Trump was an agent of Russia was a lie. This “investigation”, which was also a mop up op, was designed to erase Hillary’s fingerprints on her paid for oppo research.

Durham has spent $6,556,507 so far through September 2022.

Hillary Clinton should be held responsible for each of the 939 hours that John Durham has spent retracing FBI’s corrupt steps because of her lies.

This isn’t just a dirty campaign trick of “ironing my shirt”. This was an attack by the entire government on Donald Trump, which cost over $38,000,000 in other people’s money and cost him thousands of dollars of attorneys fees.

Even after all her phony expenses, she still has some money to play with.

Donald Trump remains unbroken despite all the fake investigations about his past, character and business dealings. He should still sue Hillary for defamation and pain and suffering in New York City. I know the Manhattan DA takes on these types of cases.

The American people want their money back. Hill, give it to me.