Israel Prepares Air Force for ‘Forceful’ Response to Iran, Tensions Escalate

Israel’s retaliatory strike, which is already being planned, will be well deserved by Islamist extremists in Iran.

Israel’s Channel 12 News carried the first report on Monday. Since then, local media have covered the story extensively.

Here’s more:

Israel has already begun preparing for the attack. It will strike Iran “clearly” and “forcefully”. After two war cabinet sessions, in which Jewish leaders discussed how to deal with a barrage of 350 missiles and suicide drones, the reported decision was made.

Channel 12 reported that the air force, which includes US-made F-16s, F-15s, and F-35s fighter jets, is already preparing to launch a counter-strike in retaliation against the rogue Islamic country, but no timeline was given. The report states that the strike is intended to send a message to Iran that Israel will not tolerate an attack on that scale.

Israeli military chief Gen. Lt. Herzi Halevi said Monday that Iran’s actions “will be met with response,” but declined to provide any details or timeframe, suggesting Israel would strike Iran when and how it chooses.

The news of the planned attack comes after Joe Biden told Benjamin Netanyahu, Israeli Prime Minister, to “take the win” and not retaliate in the wake of Iran’s nuclear strike — and that the U.S. wouldn’t support such a strike.

Can you envision Presidents Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, George W. Bush, or Donald Trump demanding anything close to that ridiculous of Israeli — or any American ally? Particularly Israel, which is surrounded by neighbors that would like nothing better than to see the Jewish state destroyed.

Me, neither.

John Kirby, a spokesman for the National Security Council, said in a White House Press Conference on Monday that Iran’s drone attack and cruise missiles against Israel were “a spectacular failure.” He added that Israel was in a “far better strategic position” than it was before the Iranian attack.

Call me skeptical, but Kirby’s transparent and unsuccessful attempt at a Jedi Mind Trick to stop Israel from pounding snot out of Iran was not just laughable. His “far stronger” position claim will remain true only if Israel launches a counter-strike that sounds like it will be devastating, which would send an extremely clear “Don’t Mess with Us” message to the mad mullahs of Tehran.

Mark Levin, Fox News’ host, blasted Biden and his serially lying Secretary of State Antony Blinken on X (formerly Twitter), and the “ludicrousness of [their] Iran Policy.”

Here’s an excerpt from “The Great One.”

Biden and Blinken are the ones who are reckless, incompetent, and dangerous. They are the ones who have abandoned a prudent and rational foreign policy to pursue incoherent, ideologically-driven ideals. They are also responsible for the escalation of military conflict across multiple continents.

They do not believe in good or bad, right or incorrect. They fund Iran and then threaten Israel. They want to remove Netanyahu and get the approval of the ayatollah.

Cowards appease.

Joe Biden, Antony Blinken, and other cowards continue to pit the American people against each other.