In Orlando, Jaw-dropping Allegations of Systemic Ballot Harvesting in Black Neighborhoods

The Florida Office of Election Crimes and Security found sufficient evidence of systemic ballot-harvesting in Orlando to recommend state law enforcement open an investigation.

Just The News obtained a statement from the OECS confirming that the department was under investigation.

The department said that the matter was brought to our attention on October 17, 2022 by the Florida Department of State Office of Election Crimes and Security. OECS then conducted a preliminary investigation.

The office stated that OECS was an investigative agency with no authority to make arrests. In violation of section.104.0616 Florida Statutes, the office referred it to Florida Department of Law Enforcement.

Just The News reports the OECS probe began after Cynthia Harris, a former Orange County commissioner candidate, filed a sworn affidavit with the Florida Secretary of States. It described a long-running, systematic electoral exploitation of members of the black community that she alleges has been going on for many years.

“So, absentee votes in our community are mailed to you, either the candidate or any political party. It is possible to find the date and the address of the ballots that were sent to you, the candidate, or any political party. ”

Just The News reports Harris even recorded a broker visiting her house in 2017 to get her vote. She also obtained the script her bosses gave to her to pitch a voter to turn over their ballot. Harris, a Democrat, claims that the entire operation was funded in part by progressive organizations.

[Harris] filed a sworn declaration with the Secretary’s Office in late August alleging that illegal operations have been ongoing in Orlando for many years to collect third-party votes. Activists receive $10 per collected ballot.

She described the complex system liberal-leaning groups funded. They send black communities to act as ballot brokers, forcing voters to turn in their ballots.

The Just The News Report has so many more than I can mention. Harris provided plenty of information and evidence that sounds like it was useful.

Harris felt frustrated by the unfair system she was experiencing in her community for many years. Harris’ frustration with the system that she felt was unfair in her community for years led her to speak out. Harris was elected Orange County commissioner last summer. Harris came in second place on election night, and she was happy to get to the second round.

The Florida Department of State confirmed the receipt of the OECS complaint by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. Just The News was also provided with the same statement.