Illegal Aliens Now Qualify for In-State Arizona Tuition

While the Biden border crisis continues, Arizona leftists are thrilled that their state has become the twenty-third to allow in-state tuition for illegal immigrants. This is another way to help people who are not citizens of the United States and break our laws, rather than helping citizens or immigrants who abide by them.

The Daily Caller reports that Arizonans voted narrowly by 51.7% to allow in-state tuition to be available to those who have attended an Arizona high school for at least two years and are not of any immigration status. In 2006, seventy-one percent of voters opposed the same proposal. Proposition 308 allows illegal aliens to access in-state tuition starting in January 2023. Education Forward Arizona stated that the new proposition is eligible for approximately 3,600 high school students. Arizona is home to approximately 273,000 illegal immigrants.

Out-of-state tuition in Arizona was $17,234 during the 2021-2022 academic years, while tuition in Arizona was $4,715. Chuck Coolidge (executive vice president for marketing and communications at Maricopa County Community Colleges) praised Proposition 308 as an amazing investment not only in Arizona’s students but also in Arizona’s workforce. It’s a great way to address our current labor shortage.

Michelle UgentiRita, Republican AZ state senator, agreed that Proposition 308 was not a solution. Ugenti-Rita stated that “Giving in-state tuition to undocumented students has nothing to do with the realities of what this nation faces when it is trying to manage this border and deal with illegal immigration.”