Ilhan Omar Hammers Biden Over Reports WH May Ask Saudis To Pump More Oil

Rep. Ilhan Omar hit President Biden over reports that Saudi Arabia may be asked to pump more oil during the conflict in Ukraine. Omar criticized the White House’s possible meetings with Saudi Arabians. He called the prospect of exploring a deal “immoral” as well as the treatment of Yemeni civilians by the Saudi government during the war between the two countries.

Omar tweeted, “Our response to Putin’s immoral war should not be to strengthen our relations with the Saudis who currently cause the worst humanitarian crisis in the world in Yemen.”

Omar said, “Yemenis may not be important to some geopolitical but their humanity should.” This is an incredibly immoral act.

Saudi Arabia was part of a coalition that included Gulf states to intervene in Yemen’s civil war against rebelling Houthi movements – an Islamist group previously labeled terrorists.

The Houthi movement was removed from the terrorist list by the Biden State department last year.

Omar’s tweet came as oil and gas prices in the country rocketed due to the conflict in Ukraine.

Republicans have, however, been insisting on the necessity of American energy independence in the face of the European land war.