Hypocritical Chicago Mayor Lightfoot Tries to Call Out Texas Gov. Abbott About Dangerous Illegals

You can say what you like about the outgoing Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot but she’s got a lot of guts and nerve.

Lightfoot, defiantly and without any thought has been the worst and most destructive Mayor in the history of the Windy City for four years. But to conservative political pundits, she is the gift that keeps on giving.

It’s not unlike a white-elephant gift exchange but it is still a gift.

What better way to send Lightfoot off on her final day in office, May 20, than to wrap all the “talents”, above, into a “gift” that is signed by him?

Fox News reported on Monday that Lightfoot had sent a letter to Texas Governor Greg Abbott. Greg Abbott was asked by Lightfoot on Sunday to stop sending illegal aliens in busloads to Chicago for what she claimed were political motives. It should be noted, that Abbott would not have had busloads of illegals to send to Chicago if Biden’s politically motivated actions hadn’t been deliberately imposed on border states.

Fox reported that Abbott began sending buses full of illegals to Chicago, New York City, and Washington, D.C. in the fall, as a response to the continual deluge of illegals who were crossing the Rio Grande to Texas almost non-stop. To Abbott’s credit, he vowed to continue sending illegals to Democrat-run sanctuary cities until the federal government secures the border. This is something that the Biden administration steadfastly refused to do despite repeated lies from the Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas.

Let’s first put the whole situation into perspective.

Lightfoot said that Abbott had sent 8,000 illegals since August when the first busload of immigrants arrived. Chicago has a population just shy of 10,000,000, while the Chicago Metro Area is home to more than 2.6 million people. We could discuss the murder rate, and other violent crimes — without illegal aliens — that Lightfoot’s lack of competence and inaction has only exacerbated.

Here’s a part of Lightfoot’s Letter to Abbott:

Nearly all migrants were in desperate need of food, clothing, and water. Many also needed medical attention. Some of those you put on buses were women who were actively working, while others were sexually assaulted victims. Texas did not address any of these urgent problems. These individuals and families are instead packed on buses and transported across the country as freight, without regard for their personal circumstances.

Chicago is a Welcoming City. We work with County, State, and Community partners to meet this challenge. However, your inability to coordinate or consider the impact of causing chaos in order to score political points has led to a tipping point that will affect our ability to welcome individuals and families safely, in an orderly and dignified manner.

Uh-huh. Does Chicago’s bloody Southside ensure the safety of families living in that “orderly” and dignified hellhole? Include the part where you describe how you have met that challenge. This is the quintessential reason why Chicagoans voted out this inept fool as soon as they had the chance to do so.

Lightfoot continued, taking direct aim at Abbott:

Your actions show that you do not understand or care about the trauma and suffering these migrants continue to endure as a result of the humanitarian crisis that you created. You must treat them with dignity and respect. It is a false choice to tell them to go to Chicago or to bus them inhumanely here.

Governor Abbott, it is not a problem between states or cities. Immigration is a major national issue that calls for national collaboration. Let’s find a solution that is both good for our country and those who seek refuge. The real solution is not the unilateral bussing of migrants into cities like Chicago.

Grab a seat and a mirror, Lori – your hypocrisy is overflowing.


Lori Lightfoot is certainly not the only one who is awful. Hypocritical Democrat Mayors across the country supported the Biden border crisis from the start, and the left’s “sanctuary cities” nonsense up until thousands of illegals arrived on their doorsteps – not just in the overrun border towns like El Paso.

This is blatant hypocrisy, and also an example of the left’s “Do what we say but not as we do”, hypocrisy. The “good for you but not for me,” schtick that Democrats have tried to force down the throats of everyday Americans for years.

Enough is enough. Elections in 2024 are important. Do not mess it up.