Hunter Had Meetings With Russian Oligarch Close to Putin and Sanctioned by UK, Australia

We have previously written about Hunter Biden’s Russian connections in the past. We reported that Rosemont Seneca Thornton LLC was co-founded by Biden. This amount was $3.5million. This is an interesting choice, given the Russian connections.

Hunter continued to have business dealings with Vladimir Yevtushenkov.

Devon Archer was Hunter Biden’s partner and stated in emails that they had more meetings with Yevtushenkov than usual.

Archer wrote to say that he was going to meet with Evtushenkov for dinner Sunday night at Cafe Milano in DC, and then meet in his DC office on Monday morning at 10:10 a.m.

“We’ll be talking with him about our commercial office investment strategy. Then, we will see Dulles View in DC, an office property that is worth $110,000,000 in the DC submarket.

Hunter Biden will “Join Me”, one of my Partners in Rosemont Seneca and an Advisory Board Member at Rosemont Realty.

Marc Holtzman was Archer’s Kazakh banker. Archer & Hunter had this crucial fixer.

Holtzman replied: “Vladimir said that. I thought you were a great person, and I will see you next week in Davos so I will repeat this.

Hunter was notified in part by Archer who pointed out Holtzman’s close ties with Yevtushenkov.

“FYI…Marc Holtzman was on the [IT company] PGRX Board prior to my departure in December. Hunter also wrote that Archer is the Head of Evtushenkov’s Finance Committee. This is a benefit to us.

Hunter Biden called Sistema to continue the conversation.

It’s not known what type of deals they made. Russian spokespersons said that there was no follow-up.

Yevtushenkov is now the owner of a company that supplies drones that were used to bomb Ukraine. He used to be a Russian defense contractor.

Furthermore, Yevtushenkov received approval from Australia and the U.K.

A leaked audio recording of Yevtushenkov, a Georgian oligarch, was recorded last week. The recording allegedly shows them discussing ways to avoid the international sanctions that were imposed by Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

A spokesperson for the US State Department refused to confirm authenticity at a press conference Tuesday. He said that US sanctions against Yevtushenkov are being discussed. He said that the US was closely watching the situation around the world and is looking into “sanctions evasion”.

He has not been approved yet by the Biden Administration.

Republicans have also questioned why Baturina wasn’t sanctioned.

This is where the problem lies. Think about the people you know and ask them if they can be held responsible for the lack of sanctions being imposed.