Hunter Biden’s Sex Adventures Clearly Broke Federal Law

You have already more than likely seen Hunter Biden’s iCloud backup material. I recommend that you don’t hesitate to look it up if you haven’t. It often states that Hunter Biden believed that he was a crack-smoking pornstar.

Warning Graphic Content:

It appears that Hunter Biden’s sexual acts violate federal law. He allegedly trafficked prostitutes over state borders. Whether those services (one of which was Russian) crossed legal boundaries into human trafficking isn’t known. Still, prostitution is illegal, and the president’s son paid $30,000 to escorts over just a five-month period. Where did that money come from? As I reported prior, none other than Joe Biden.

Hunter Biden spent $30,000 over five months on escorts, according to documents, videos, and texts.

Texts taken from Hunter’s iPhone show him writing checks disguised to be medical services for escorts. Moreva’s website offers a “girlfriend experience” with prostitutes as young and old as 20.

Hunter received hooker payments just hours after receiving thousands of dollars from the father.

Pictures and videos show Hunter transporting prostitutes across state lines to have a debauched night together – which could be a federal offense.

Although there doesn’t appear to be any “potential”, Hunter Biden’s actions seem to have violated Mann Act. This law bans women from being transported across state borders for prostitution.

Hunter Biden may not be concerned about potential illegality in the use of prostitutes, however. CBS News’ Catherine Herridge shared that the federal investigation into Hunter Biden’s First Son covers a wide range of serious topics, including money laundering and tax fraud. Prosecutors may not be interested in any charges related to his sexual deviancy.

That is assuming that the US attorney in Delaware David Weiss who is handling this case, has the fortitude to see it through. As things get more complicated, you can bet that he will feel (and likely already feels) pressure to end the situation. Will he be strong, even in the face of possible retribution and dismissal? Although I don’t know the answer, I hope he realizes the gravity of the moment and understands why the president should not allow his son to be protected.

American justice has been known for its corruption, favoring certain political and monetary classes. Hunter Biden is currently not in prison because of his father. The DOJ could restore some credibility to the department if they follow the law and pursue Hunter Biden like any other person.

Enjoy more Twitter feed from the crackhead pornstar’s iPhone: