Hunter Biden by Gaslight

In a world that was sane — and this one isn’t – the story of Hunter Biden and his laptop, and the generosity of oligarchs from multiple countries who gave millions of dollars and diamonds to the Bidens would be the most talked about story almost every day. It’s like Watergate in the 1970s.

It’s obvious that it isn’t. The New York to Washington media/government hegemony tried to avoid this topic and suppressed it for years in favor of the “Russian Collusion” hoax.

This is not unfamiliar to those of a certain generation. After World War II the Washington Post, and the New York Times, who print only the news that suits their political agenda, began to dominate the television news. We saw the Johnson advertisement with the “little girl” and the mushroom cloud in 1964, Walter Cronkite said that the Vietnam War had been lost in 1968 after the Tet Offensive, which was objectively a victory, and of course there was Watergate from ’72 to ’75.

It seems that the biggest story isn’t Hunter Biden, but rather the fact the the legacy media has been forced to ask President-lite Biden questions about the Hunter Biden series of scandals.

Biden is, of course outraged at the questions. He’s even more upset now that he cannot just say the Fox reporters were “one-horse pony.”

This reminds me a lot of the lead-up to 2004’s election. CBS’s flagship prime-time Sunday news program, 60 Minutes had a huge scoop. The show had obtained documents, including memos to file from his superiors. These proved that George W. Bush used family connections and connections with others in order to join the Texas Air National Guard instead of being drafted in Vietnam.

But something unexpected happened. Blogosphere quickly spotted that the most damning of the memos had been written and printed in Microsoft Word, decades before Microsoft Word became a real thing. CBS tried to dismiss the memos as being written by bloggers “in pajamas,” however, that did not work. Freedom of speech on the internet had won.

After the smoke cleared, Bush was re-elected and CBS News no longer had a managing editor. Dan Rather, who had previously been the CBS News managing editor, was now “allowed” to retire.

Now we have Hunter’s laptop. The close relationship between the media hegemony and the Obama administration went from being close to concupiscence. The government put pressure on the media, but also the internet giants, to suppress the story. Meanwhile, the Clintons, 51 retired intelligence officers, and the legacy press tried to convince us it was “Russian misinformation.”

At least one lesson was learned: The freedom of speech that all Americans were promised must be suppressed. Unauthorized opinions must also be labelled as misinformation or disinformation.

I think this story, which is starting to emerge from the hegemonic media, is the biggest story in recent weeks. The Twitter files and Merritt Garland’s and Chris Wray’s obvious lies alerted Americans to a new attempt to deceive us. Media hegemony was forced to admit that they had no choice but to report this story, or risk losing their credibility.

News coverage finally uncovered the truth about the Russia collusion information-op, and how the Bidens had been suppressing their mystery income for years.

However, there is a problem. We cannot report the news without the money to pay for servers, writers and staff. Advertising is an important source of revenue, but it’s also a risky one. The hegemony suppresses conservative voices, demonetizes conservative outlets and puts every obstacle in front of the truth.