Hungary Offers Shelter to Maui Families, Biden’s Government ‘Inaction’ Slammed

Hungarian officials are reported to have provided shelter for 250 Maui families, despite harsh criticisms against the Biden administration and Hawaii Government officials’ response to the deadly Maui Fires.

Wildfires posed a serious danger and were warned of in advance. The preparation for wildfires could cost millions of dollars. The area was more flammable due to government negligence. Also, people were prevented from leaving. As hundreds of people including children are still missing, it is impossible to know the exact death toll.

Biden’s administration was criticized for their initial indifference before Biden made the gaffe-filled trip. The local officials were also criticized. Federal officials were caught in four and five-star hotels 45 minutes from Lahaina as survivors were not receiving enough aid. Hungary has taken action.

Newsmax August 20, 2018:

Hungarians have stepped up to help families in Hawaii after the Maui wildfires, which destroyed homes and businesses as well as devastated the Lahaina region. Over 100 people died and over 100 homes and businesses were destroyed.

Szabolcs Tács, the Hungarian ambassador in Washington, D.C., disclosed in a Newsmax statement that Hungary had pledged to supply pop-up homes for 250 families before October 31. Hungarian Armed Forces will deliver the first twenty pop-up houses on Monday.

Takacs stated in a press release that “Continest Technologies Zrt. A Hungarian SME that specializes in designing and manufacturing efficient deployable multifunctional temporary infrastructure has donated foldable containers for the relief efforts in Hawaii. The containers will house 250 families by October 20, 2023. ”

The ambassador added, “The deployment of the shelters has begun today via air by the Hungarian Armed Forces, and the first 20 containers are expected to arrive in Maui on Monday [Aug. 21].”

Hungary is reported to be the only European Union country that did not receive an invitation to Biden’s “Summit for Democracy”. Hungary was the only European Union member state that didn’t receive an invitation to Biden’s “Summit for Democracy “. Biden referred to Orban as “the thugs” of the world while criticizing Donald Trump, who had been friends with Orban in the 2020 election. The Hungarian prime minister’s positions on unrestricted migration and other issues have enraged many leftist leaders.

Hungarian officials do a good and generous thing. It is a sad sight to see a European country providing shelter for Americans, while American officials are using taxpayer money for luxury hotels.