How Biden’s Future VP Will Avoid The Toughest Question

Not long ago, the #MeToo movement rose to a level of exactness that transcended due process: “Believe all women” was the tagline. Quite a bold move. Now though, a lot of these people have had a change of heart. 

Ever since former Biden staffer Tara Reade accused presidential candidate Joe of sexual assault, among the grasshoppers leaping to conclusions over Bret Kavanaugh’s guilt, it’s been all crickets. Even Alyssa Milano has a “new way of thinking.” She tweeted the following:

“I explained my silence on the allegations against Joe Biden in this clip. I am still endorsing @JoeBiden. Listen to this clip to find out why. #MeToo #TimesUp” 

She contradicts herself in the audio clip following the tweet by saying that women should be believed but that shouldn’t disrupt or affect the process of what a man is doing…wait, what? Isn’t the entire point of the #metoo movement, of believing the women, the all-knowing path to justice and investigating all accusations? 

Alyssa Milano’s rage during Kavanaugh’s trial to then switch political ideals and endorse Joe Biden proves that this entire thing has not been about feminism at all. She is not interested in the equality of women. What she, and the rest of the left-wingers, lust after is the power to punish the people who disagree with them. It is identity politics and the never-ending addition to raw power. 

#MeToo? That’s old news to her now. Due process is once again a virtue and that is her excuse for endorsing old Sleepy Joe. The rug’s covering swept allegations by Tara Reade against Joe Biden, and the media appears to be holding a broom. 

Three Democrats thought to be frontrunners as Biden’s running mate hit the Sunday morning talk show circuit. Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer on ABC News program ‘This Week’, Sen. Amy Klobuchar on ABC News Sunday, and Stacy Abrams on CNN’s ‘State of The Union’. Not a single woman was asked about sexual assault allegations against Biden by a former staffer. 

Tara Reade worked for Joe Biden for about eight months in 1992 and 1993 as an assistant. It was the spring of ’93 that Reade says Biden assaulted her. Additional people who say they were told about the alleged assault around that time have come forward to corroborate Reade’s story. After the assault, Reade had complained to supervisors and was eventually told to get a new job. Many have come out to say that Biden has a habit of inappropriate physical displays of affection. 

Not a single one of the Sunday News programs even discussed these allegations despite revelations from CNN Saturday evening that indicated the woman’s mother called in to Larry King Live in the late 1990’s to ask the host’s panelists how her daughter should go about reporting sexual harassment by a male senator.

Quite a shift. It’s not #MeToo anymore. It’s “Don’t Believe All Women.” This change in feminism is clearly just a statement on politics – and the phoniness of a partisan fight, not based on any virtue or principle.