Hillary Hypocrite Clinton, Who Called Half of US “Basket of Deplorables,” Says We Don’t Want to Hear Different Opinions

Either Hillary Clinton had a rat in her pocket or she completely misunderstood the definition of “we” during her most recent pontification about yet another thing “wrong” with “we” in America. If you watched or listened, closely, you soon discovered that Hillary’s “we” didn’t include “me.” Shocked? None of us are at this point.

After a discussion at Georgetown University regarding the 1998 Good Friday Agreement (also known as the Belfast Agreement), which ended 30 years of conflict, Hillary launched into a pompous admonishment about “we” (Americans). She said that “we Americans don’t want to hear anything we disagree with.”

Really, Hillary.

Let’s not forget, ladies and gentlemen, to check with the rightful (in her mind), former heir to the presidency, in all of her revisionist glory.

Just the News reported that Hillary, after thinking about how difficult it was to manage society in today’s environment, went on to talk about the “information ecosystem” as well as other nonsense about how our lives require such quick responses that it’s “totally unsophisticated.” Me, neither.

“It creates such insulting, threatening rhetoric that is aimed at people trying to do difficult things,” Madam Professed. It begs the question: Does she include White Americans who are considered to be riddled by “systemic racism” from the moment they were born? Or, if she includes those opposed to abortion on demand until birth, based upon moral or religious principles

Are “despicable” people such as the above still included in Hillary’s list of deplorable or is she giving them a break?

Hillary bloviated further in reference to the Northern Ireland Peace Agreement:

Friends are not friends. People you are already in agreement with should not be negotiated with. In today’s world, it can be difficult for people to leave their comfort zone and make an effort to change.

We don’t even want to hear things we disagree with. We don’t want to hear different opinions from people who we have already concluded are outside the pale of our comfort zone.

You cannot run a society, let alone make peace for long if that is your ongoing attitude. ‘I have nothing to learn from this person. I do not see him/her as a fellow human being. There is no reason for us to talk.’

This is Hillary Clinton, of all people.

This woman is a soaring example of her self-centeredness and lack of self-awareness. But we have listened to her petty, hypocritical bilge for over 30 years. We are now “velocities” by her self-deprecating and self-aggrandizement until the point that we just tune her out.

Hillary urged America to do some soul-searching.

We all need to be honest about how we relate to each other in this complex information environment, where demonizing or scapegoating is a common strategy.

It is not known if Hillary was actually looking into the mirror while she warned the rest of us.

It’s still fun to remember that the self-important, two-time presidential candidate loser refuses to ride off into a meemaw sunset. Instead, she keeps banging her drum in the desperate hope that enough naive “Hilliarites” remain, just to make her feel good about herself.

In the case of Hillary Rodham Clinton, ignorance is bliss.