Heritage Foundation President Scorches Davos Elitists: ‘You Are Part of the Problem’

We reported that “elites” who attend the World Economic Forum are obsessed with climate change, despite arriving in private jets and convoys. They fret about threats from Elon Musk and the former Donald Trump and fear a pandemic that could kill 20x as many people as COVID.

Rarely is there any pushback or disagreement. There’s no disagreement or pushback.

Heritage describes its goals on its website:

Heritage’s mission is to formulate and promote public policies based on the free enterprise system, limited government, individual freedom, American traditional values, and a strong national defense.

I don’t think it sounds very Davos. Someone must have known he would not deliver a message that pleased the crowd, and he didn’t disappoint:

Roberts, who was on a WEF discussion panel, “What to Expect From a Possible Republican Administration”, with Gerard Baker, Wall Street Journal, and Walter Russell Mead a professor from Bard College all gave opposing opinions to those in Davos. The moderator was upset by this.

 Sir Robin Niblett, a British expert in international affairs, who moderated the panel, asked Roberts about former President Trump’s “retribution” promises if he were re-elected and if the World Economic Forum would “switch underneath the carpet” his purported defenses of liberal democracy.

Roberts said that describing Davos as a place to “protect liberal democracies” was “laughable”.

He said, “It’s equally absurd to use the word ‘dictatorship’ in Davos and direct it towards President Trump. I think it’s ridiculous. 

He went on to describe how conservatives hold a different perspective than Davos adherents.

The next conservative leader will likely be guided by one principle: breaking the hold that unelected technocrats, political elites, and other groups have over the average citizen.

 This comment drove home the point.

Concerning all those in the room and those watching, they are part of the problem.

Ouch. It would have been great to be in the audience and see the people’s faces. There must have been a lot of movement in the seats.

It’s refreshing that Roberts is speaking the truth.

Read more about his comments:

By next year, I expect Roberts to find his invitation in the mail. When Roberts writes “My message to the self-appointed elites of the world: your time is over,” you know he’ll set egotists on fire.

I love it.