Hannah Jones Said Cruz Had No Reason To Invoke CRT In Supreme Court Hearing

Nikole Hannah Jones (the 1619 Project founder) stated that Sen. Ted Cruz, a Republican from Texas, had “no reason to invoke books related to critical race theory” during Supreme Court confirmation hearings regarding Ketanji Brown Jackson.

Hannah Jones made these comments at Boston University’s Center for Antiracist Research’s National Antiracist Book Festival.

Cruz asked Jackson if Jackson was okay with “Antiracist Baby”, written by Ibram X. Kendi (BU’s Center for Antiracist Research). Jackson stated that racial discrimination doesn’t always have to be “inherently racism.” ”

Since the 1960s, racial power has been called “racial discrimination”. Since the 1960s, racial power has been called “racial discrimination”.

Cruz asked Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson at the confirmation hearing whether he was in agreement with the book that children are taught about babies being racist.

Jackson said that she had never studied critical racism theory and hadn’t used it. Jackson replied that she had “never studied critical racism theory, and I have never used it in my work as an judge.” Amazon summarizes the book by saying “introduces both young and mature readers the idea and power antiracism. ”

Hannah Jones stated that Cruz did not have any reason to invoke the book, and Jackson was asked about it during the Saturday panel.

Hannah Jones stated that “It reveals danger…how hazardous a period is we in right now.”

She stated that Cruz’s question was about American politics today and that Cruz was trying provoke a base.

Hannah Jones also stated that Cruz’s “targeting”, could have potentially fatal consequences.

Targeting can have serious consequences. Hannah Jones stated that targeting can lead to violence.

Hannah Jones stated that Republicans are a White Party who realize that they can’t win elections with majority support from the same panel.

Hannah-Jones’s work on The New York Times 1619 project is her most prominent. This project has been criticised for incorrectly reporting historical events. It also claimed that the colonists declared independence from Britain to protect slavery and the institution. The Times changed the essay to read “…one of the reasons some colonists declared independence from Britain was to preserve slavery.

She published a book that she wrote about The 1619 Project. It was a bestseller on Amazon and The New York Times. “