Haley Holds Trump Responsible for GOP’s Special Election Loss, South Carolina Battle Heats Up

Former President Trump insults Black Republican candidate for a congressional seat who lost an important special election

Nikki Haley has more ammunition against former President Trump and the current frontrunner after the GOP’s loss in the closely watched special congressional election held in the suburbs of New York City on Tuesday night.

Let’s speak the quiet part out loud. Olvia Perez-Cubas, spokesperson of the Haley campaign national office, stated in a release that Donald Trump remains a major obstacle for Republican candidates. ”

Perez-Cubas stated that “until Republicans wake up, we will keep losing.” “It’s time for new conservatives who won’t alienate Americans.

Haley has been claiming that Republicans are tired of losing to Trump in her speeches for years. Haley has mentioned GOP losses from 2018, 2020, and 2022. She is currently campaigning in South Carolina for Trump where she was governor for two terms before becoming ambassador to the U.N.

Nikki Haley’s campaign says the Nevada caucus is rigged for Trump. Republican candidate Nikki Haley waves to a crowd during a campaign event at New Realm Brewing Co., Charleston, South Carolina on Sunday, 4 February 2024.

Tom Suozzi (formerly a Democratic Rep.) defeated Mazi Pilip, formerly a GOP County Lawmaker to fill the House Seat that George Santos once held. Santos had been expelled from the House in December.

With just 10 days until the Republican Primary in South Carolina, Trump will be returning to South Carolina on Wednesday to hold a North Charleston Rally.

In his quest to win the GOP presidential nomination in 2024, the former president is gaining momentum. He won in double digits both in the Iowa caucuses and New Hampshire primaries, and Nevada. In addition, he also had landslide wins in the U.S. Virgin Islands, Nevada, and Nevada.

The most recent polls in the Palmetto State show that Haley has a two-digit lead over him.

Haley’s campaign released a new advertisement on Tuesday, which emphasizes the “chaos” that will take place if Trump wins a second term in the White House. Haley reiterates that Trump is “unhinged.”

In East Meadow, New York, on February 13, 2024, Republican congressional candidate Mazi Pilip, a Nassau County lawmaker, spoke with supporters after conceding NY03 to the former Democratic Rep. Tom Souzzi.

The GOP had a razor-thin majority in the House. Both national Republicans and Democrats poured a lot of money into an election that was dominated primarily by immigration, crime, and border security. This election was seen as a preview of the rematch between Donald Trump and President Biden at the White House in November.

Santos was elected to Congress in 2022 after winning the Long Island District, which was held by Democrats for ten years. Santos was expelled from Congress less than one month into his tenure, for a series of financial crimes and for lying about his background.

Suozzi has linked Pilip, a former district rep who ran unsuccessfully for governor in the past, with Santos, Trump, and other politicians.

After Suozzi’s election, the Republican majority in the House will fall to 219-213.

Pilip, an Ethiopian Jew 12 years old, fled to Israel to escape persecution. She served in the Israeli military before immigrating to the United States.

Pilip, who lost on Tuesday, was praised by Nassau County Republicans on Tuesday evening, but Trump attacked Pilip on social media at night. He called her a “foolish woman” and said she lost because she did not endorse him.

Republican presidential candidate and former President Trump arrives on stage during a Get Out The Vote rally at Coastal Carolina University on Feb. 10, 2024, in Conway, South Carolina. South Carolina holds its Republican primary on February 24.

“Republicans seem to know nothing, but maybe she was a Democrat?” “I have an endorsement rate of almost 99% for Primaries, and also a high number for General Elections. Trump said on his Truth Social platform, “I watched this stupid woman, Mazi Pilip, run in a Race in which she did not endorse my candidacy and tried to straddle both sides when she could easily have won if only she had known anything about MODERN-DAY Politics in America.”

Trump held his second rally in South Carolina on Wednesday, after having not campaigned personally for two months.

Haley is adamantly promoting her home state and has launched a bus tour this weekend. Haley will be in Texas to raise money and campaign for Super Tuesday in early March, in one of the 15 states where Republican nomination contests are taking place.

Haley raised money and campaigned in California, another Super Tuesday state, last week. Haley is showing that she will not give in to Republican calls for Trump to pull out and concentrate on his fight against Biden in November.