Government COVID Fascists Can’t Grasp That We’ve All Moved On

Some people still wore masks in airports and on planes during the Thanksgiving travel season. I noticed that many of them had their masks under their chins, or were constantly pulling them down in order to chat with people. It was an absurd theater.

Even those who “take COVID seriously” don’t take it seriously enough.

This frustrates the government overlords, who want the riffraff not to be afraid at every proclamation about COVID doom and to run off to get their millionth booster shot.

Okay, so “millionth” may be a little exaggerated, but the government doesn’t appear to have any plans to end them. Yesterday’s post by Ben was about the aggressive sales pitch.

White House Coronavirus Response Coordinator Dr. Ashish Jha (COVID Warlord Fauci) declared, in a disorienting and sadistic rhetorical flourish that it was best to “move on” with COVID-19, to actually submit to an endless booster program for eternity.

According to the ABC News chyron, “Despite aggressive messaging U.S. vaccination rate remains low.”

“People aren’t listening. “What do you do?” she asks the near-hysterical news actress, her voice rising at the end to show frustration.

“It’s been evidently a long two-and-a half years,” Dr. Jha says. We understand that people want to move forward. People can move on as long as they maintain their immunity.

Dr. Paste-Eater is wrong. We have moved on. It was quite a while ago. It is not common for the sheltered elite to spend enough time in real life to fully grasp this.

They’re not slowing down, however. Rebecca Downs, a Townhall colleague, highlighted the new moronic effort to get people on the booster train in Los Angeles.

The COVID-19 vaccine booster ad campaign is so sexist that it almost makes you want to laugh. Twitchy’s friends highlighted Tuesday’s LA Public Health account’s attempt to get boosters through advertisements in English and Spanish, which advertised Randy’s Donuts, Inglewood, California.

The advertisement encourages people to “rediscover” their midnight cravings by getting a booster shot. It’s as if going out for donuts is a game like COVID Russian Roulette. Side note: Randy’s used to be a block from my house, and I have mostly stopped eating donuts since then.

It seems like the government types are hoping that regular people don’t notice what buffoons these folks are. Stacey wrote Monday that Anthony Fauci is still a clueless, one-note tyrant as he makes his way to the exit.

RedState’s Mike Miller reports on more revelations about the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s lack of honesty and competence.

The shocking report by the Centers for Disease Control that it withheld data on a potentially fatal complication of COVID-19 vaccines, until it was forced to release the data under court order has shocked many people.

Just the News reported that data released by court order showed that 1 in 3 of the earliest vaccine recipients needed medical attention, missed school or worked, or was unable “to perform normal daily activities.” The CDC continued to fight for the privacy of the data.

People who were supposed to do everything possible to protect public health did very little, and the majority of the public now knows that. We’re not in an early COVID panic, and we have lots of experience with them going horribly wrong.

You petty, incompetent tyrants, run along. We’re not interested the COVID booster oil you’re selling. You’ve screwed up people’s lives for fifteen minutes. It’s now time to shut up.