Gov. Kristi Noem Defends The President On ABC News

South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem was recently on ABC News “This Week” with anchor George Stephanopoulos. She talked about how the mainstream media has called President-elect Joe Biden’s win “premature” and that the election deserves a fair process, even if it isn’t always partisan.

She talked about how President Trump has been fighting the establishment, mainstream media, and rigged election systems on behalf of the American people. Gov. Noem also complimented the President on how he handled the coronavirus pandemic, saying he gave her the flexibility to do the right thing in her state and let her do her job. 

“There’re states that have not been called, and back in 2000, Al Gore was given his day in court. We should give President Trump his day in court, let the process unfold because, George, we live in a republic. We are a government that gets its power from the consent of the governed. That is the people. They give their consent on Election Day. Election Day needs to be fair, honest, and transparent, and we need to be sure that we had an honest election before we decide who gets to be in the White House the next four years,” Gov. Noem said. 

Stephanopolous started questioning whether or not voting irregularities meant there was “widespread fraud,” in which Gov. Noem talked about dead voters, computer glitches, and the illegal activities people saw and signed off on legal documents about. She said she isn’t sure how widespread it is or that it might not change the outcome of the election, but it still means that everyone deserves to have a fair election. 

“Why would we not afford the 70.6 million Americans that voted for Trump the same consideration? If Joe Biden really wants to unify this country, he would wait and make sure we had a fair election,” Gov. Noem asked. 

Stephanopoulos then nudged an insult at Kristi by saying she has still not provided any evidence on widespread voter fraud before ending the segment. “Let the process work, and we will,” the Governor replied.

ABC News “This Week” then tweeted about their interview with Gov. Noem and that she still “refuses” to acknowledge Joe Biden’s elected win. The Governor went on Twitter and responded to defend her title against mischaracterization and even said she gave several specifics on election integrity concerns. She also had to correct ABC’s tweet since they called her the GOP North Dakota Gov, when she is really the GOP South Dakota Gov. 

The media can’t even tell the difference between North and South Dakota anymore. Not surprised.