GOP Leaders Demand An Answer From Biden On The Border, DHS Chief Abruptly Resigns

Hundreds of thousands of migrants were encountered in July and House Republicans are demanding answers from the Biden Administration over the border crisis. Border Patrol agents admit that morale is “lower than ever” in the Department and a top official at the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) even announced an abrupt resignation. The American people deserve answers on how Biden plans to get the border under control, especially since vice president Kamala Harris offers nothing but “root causes.”

Karen Olick, chief of staff to Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, announced the abrupt resignation of her position in order to pursue new opportunities. Mayorkas told DHS officials that they have been “grateful” to Karen and her service during the critical first nine months of the new administration. Her role will be temporarily filled by Jennifer Higgins, associate director at the US Citizenship and Immigration Services.

Olick praised her role in an email, writing that the DHS is often “under-appreciated” by fellow citizens. She said she is continually struck by how many millions of Americans sleep safely every night due to the DHS. It’s hard to praise a department in that frame of light when border patrol agents stopped 212,672 attempted crossings in the month of July, which is the most in a single month since March 2000. The numbers continued to rise each month since President Joe Biden took office.

Employees and officials at the DHS have also been working on the response to the impacts of Hurricane Ida, as well as helping the tens of thousands of Afghan refugees who the U.S evacuated from Kabul last month. Mayorkas called the Afghan refugee initiative “Operation Allies Welcome” and said it will be an opportunity to enrich the nation by asking Americans to welcome them into the communities. 

Other aspects of the department have also been working to respond to heavy flooding from the rain in the mid-Atlantic and Northeast. With everything else going on, the Biden Administration has turned a blind eye to the number of migrants who have entered the country illegally. They are not being transparent about their role in the crisis and are keeping the truth from the American people.

Rep. Chip Roy, along with a group of House Republicans, submitted resolutions of inquiry on the administration’s handling of the border. It also files complaints against the Department of Homeland Security for not being responsive to requests for information. GOP members said they are demanding answers now as the crisis escalates.

“We want answers, we want them now, and the Democrats in charge of the executive branch are trying to keep the truth from the American people,” Rep. Roy out in a statement.

They have demanded answers on the number of migrants who have illegally entered, the number of migrants removed, the number of CBP agents reassigned to shelters, and how many migrants have tested positive for COVID-19 and then been released into border town communities.

GOP politicians have also asked for photographic evidence of specific facilities, including the Donna, TX facility, where migrants were reportedly packed and violating COVID-19 protocols. They want to know how much funding was spent to “take care” of the illegal immigrants in these facilities since the beginning of the year.

The Biden Administration is too busy blaming the root causes of Cuban government corruption, poverty, and climate change, to see that border security is crumbling around them and officials are resigning by the week. Even CBP agents admit that their department is severely understaffed, with some members being abandoned to secure dozens of border wall by themselves.

The surge only spiked when Democrats took office and the numbers get more appalling by the month. It’s a direct result of Biden abandoning Trump’s border policies in exchange for something much weaker – nothing at all.