GOP Demands Answers from DOJ, IRS, FBI in Hunter Biden Probe

We wrote earlier on Thursday about the House Oversight Committee asking Biden Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen to provide any reports that her department may have regarding all suspicious activity done by Joe Biden and Hunter Biden.

A new report exclusively published by Fox News Digital shows that the GOP and several House Committees aren’t backing down in the face of signs of alleged “politicization and misbehavior” by members of the Biden Administration – and their allies within the federal bureaucracy.

House Republicans have demanded that more than a dozen officials from the federal government, including the U.S. Attorney in charge of the Hunter Biden investigation, appear before several congressional committees to provide transcribed interviews about allegations of political bias and misconduct within their agencies during the long-running probe into the son of the president.

The House Oversight Committee is conducting a joint investigation with the House Judiciary Committee and House Ways and Means Committee into the federal probe of Hunter Biden and whether prosecutorial decisions were influenced by political factors.

The report continues.

Fox News Digital obtained exclusive letters sent to the Justice Department by Oversight Chair James Comer. Judiciary Chair Jim Jordan and Ways and Means Chair Jason Smith also sent letters.

Fox News Digital has listed the Republicans who they want to interview and from whom they will extract evidence during transcript interviews. First on the list is the IRS whistleblower.

The committees have requested that Michael Batdorf, Director of Criminal Investigations at the IRS; and Darrell J. Waldon, Special Agent in Charge, Washington D.C. Field Office, IRS Criminal Investigation Division, appear ….

The committees have issued a call to any Secret Service employee who may have received the FBI’s alleged “tip-off”, dated Dec. 7, 2019.

They’re also seeking interviews from the Federal Bureau of Investigations itself with Tom Sobocinski – the Special Agent in Charge of the Baltimore Field Office – and Ryeshia Holey, Assistant Special Agent in Command of the FBI.

This report contains information on the committee that will be handling which group of federal employees.

Jordan and the House Judiciary Committee are leading the Justice Department and FBI portions of the investigation. Comer and House Oversight Committee is taking the lead for the Secret Service, and Smith from the House Ways and Means Committee is taking the lead for the IRS.

Comer, Jordan, and Smith made a joint declaration to the publication:

Whistleblower evidence indicates that federal employees worked overtime to cover for the Bidens.

These federal employees, and others, need to be heard about the weaponization of federal law-enforcement power.

Americans are relying on us to hold actors accountable and restore equal enforcement of the law.

We are, and it seems that the GOP will continue to play hardball in order to find out the truth about Biden’s actions.