Google Co-Founder Larry Page Vanishes as Authorities Try to Subpoena Him in Jeffrey Epstein Investigation

The mystery surrounding the shadowy sex trader Jeffrey Epstein continues to unfold despite his “suicide”, which occurred in a New York prison cell nearly four years ago.

Federal court documents reveal that the US Virgin Islands cannot subpoena Google founder Larry Page for possible ties with Jeffrey Epstein, because he is not physically located.

In a motion filed by US Virgin Islands’ attorney general, investigators sought to find a physical address where Page, 50, might be summoned personally to appear before a court.

Prosecutors have identified four addresses that were not ‘valid’. They are now requesting that the federal government summon Page via Alphabet. This is because he still serves on its board.

There are two possible explanations as to why Mr. Page has disappeared: either he doesn’t wish to testify out of fear of the crimes he might be implicated in or someone else does not want him.¬†Page is revealing what he knows of Jeffrey Epstein’s actions.

I made a semi-serious request to Elon Musk recently, asking him to put a “red check” in all Twitter accounts associated with Jeffrey Epstein.¬†After this whole ordeal, we might have a new Silicon Valley tech lord.

Subpoenas are being issued as part of the ongoing Virgin Islands prosecution against JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon. This involves the highest levels of multinational banking, who could be accomplices in a long-running trafficking ring.

In an interview on Thursday, CEO Jamie Dimon said that he felt “so sorry” about the bank’s business relationship with Jeffrey Epstein. However, he denied that the firm was legally responsible for the predator’s sex-trafficking.

Dimon said in the Bloomberg interview that, if JPMorgan knew everything that had become public over the past few years about Epstein, “we would have handled things differently.”

What a sad propaganda

I can sell you oceanfront property on the Montana coast if anyone thinks that a banker who is a multi-national corporation like Jamie Dimon has a psychological capacity to regret facilitating illegal/immoral activities for his clients.

JPMorgan, and other peer-group banks, are also eager to participate in criminal enterprises that generate enough revenue to be worthwhile.

CBS News reported that in 2019. “A cargo vessel that was seized with almost 20 tons of cocaine on board last month — valued at $1.3 billion – belongs to JP Morgan Chase,” CBS News stated.