Gisele Fetterman’s Statement About How She Treats Her Husband in December Sparks Discussion

My colleague wrote a brilliant piece on Thursday criticizing Gisele Fetterman’s characterization of herself as a rape victim. She was criticized by others for appearing callous and seeking fame after her husband suffered a stroke. It’s a truly shameful thing Fetterman did.

His staff stopped a journalist from asking about John Fetterman’s ability to introduce legislation in Congress while he was still hospitalized.

My colleague pointed out that some media outlets were quick to defend Gisele Fetterman, but conveniently missed real sexist attacks against Republican women such as Melania Trump or other women in Trump’s administration.

They can’t have both. Either they are equal partners in these kinds of relationships and deserve praise AND criticism when necessary. These people should choose a path and stay on it. Their partisanship is clearly visible, and it’s not good. It’s not at all.

People aren’t removing the impression from the air by critiquing Gisele Fetterman’s husband’s decision to stay in the race. John Fetterman’s staff acknowledged that the hard campaign may have hampered his recovery after his stroke. This is a serious matter, as you should take your stroke recovery seriously. We were not told that he had previously suffered from depression while he was running and that he is now being treated for severe depression.

Then, you could have things like these, as we reported.

People shared a portion of Friday’s Los Angeles Blade article. This article was originally published in December. It states that she is bisexual. But then, there’s a section that raises eyebrows.

She also posts photos to social media with her husband, a 6-foot-8 woman. Her head is partially cropped so that her shoes can be seen in the frame.

Gisele Fetterman provides the following advice for anyone who longs to have the same dynamic with their spouse/significant other: “You just need to be really sure in your truth,” she stated, adding that “then you just, just, ignore him whenever he’s talking.”

Oh, my.

While there are many jokes between husbands and wives, there is a common joke that the wife always wins. Given John Fetterman’s situation, it’s possible that you might not speak the same way about your husband when John is recovering from a stroke. Perhaps you don’t crop your husband out of the picture to make it more about your shoes. You might think about his health and not “ignore” him when he speaks. Maybe you don’t take your children to Niagra Falls with you, but you are there for him. You might also consider not allowing yourself to be criticized if you already know you are.