Georgia Fights Medical Tyranny With Vaccine Passport Ban

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp removes his face covering before speaking to reporters during a COVID-19 update in the Capitol, Tuesday, Dec. 8, 2020, in Atlanta. (AP Photo/John Bazemore)

As vaccine passports remain a hot topic nationwide, Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp recently signed an executive order banning the use of them throughout the state. The order states that no state agency, provider of state services, or state property can implement a vaccine passport program or require proof of vaccination to enter the business premises. Georgia joins states like Florida, Montana, and Texas, which have passed legislation outlawing vaccine passports in all forms.

Gov. Kemp said that the order “makes it clear” that vaccination will not be required to enter the state of Georgia and that passport programs will not be utilized in state government. He said that while he and his family have all been vaccinated, it is the people’s choice and not the government’s place to tell people what to do.

“While I continue to urge all Georgians to get vaccinated so we continue our momentum in putting the COVID-19 pandemic in the rearview, vaccination is a personal decision between each citizen and a medical professional – not state government. This order also clearly states that data held by the Georgia Department of Public Health and their immunization system will not be used by any public or private entity for a vaccine passport program,” Gov. Kemp said.

Gov. Kemp also acknowledged that the legislation would ban schools from kindergarten all the way through the university level from requiring students to be vaccinated in order to attend in-person instruction. He gave former President Donald Trump credit for Operation Warp Speed and said that the executive order supports his “medical miracle” in vaccine distribution. It puts an end to the pandemic and in state governments mandating something they shouldn’t be at this point.

When asked about small businesses, Gov. Kemp said that the executive order does not ban employers from mandating vaccines for employees to go to work and that the market will sort itself out if businesses get too “heavy-handed” with vaccine standards.

“This does not mandate or regulate any decision that private business can make. I feel like if businesses are making decisions that the consumer or end user don’t like, they can go do business with someone else. But I just don’t want to go down the road of government telling private businesses what they need to be doing with their daily activities,” Kemp adds.

While far-left officials are using the heavy hand of government to pressure the American public to get vaccinated, most people have admitted that the wide-scale distrust in the government is creating hesitancy and driving people away from getting the vaccine. Kemp pointed out the time President Biden attacked southern governors for “Neanderthal thinking” when they lifted mask mandates and said that he has continued to push various mandates and policies that aren’t trustworthy or backed by science.

As vaccine rates continue to go up, the radical left needs to stop destroying sectors of their economy with unnecessary mandates and let the people do what’s best for them. Gov. Kemp said the best thing to do is be smart and give people the confidence that the vaccine works so that they can fully reopen our economy.

He said the Biden Administration’s unwillingness to ditch all restrictions and go back to normal has created a big-spending agenda in a political environment. He even suggested that Democrats are prolonging the restrictions “by design” to jam their radical-left agendas through Congress.

This is what freedom looks like – the ability to weigh the risk for oneself and one’s family and make medical decisions based on one’s specific conditions. Medical tyranny is still tyranny, no matter how you look at it.