Gavin Newsom Reveals the Hilariously Dumb Reason He’s Targeting Ron DeSantis

After a Florida ad buys, Gavin Newsom and Ron DeSantis began a one-sided feud. DeSantis continues to be focused on his state wins while Newsom flies around trying to position himself for a run in 2024.

However, the California governor didn’t take DeSantis’ suggestion that he wasn’t interested in him. In an interview with Elex Michaelson of FOX LA, Newsom called the Florida governor a “bully” while trying to be poetic about people who “look” and “love” differently.

Newsom now has the explanation for his obsession. It’s hilarious because it’s absurd and because the California governor appears to lack critical thinking skills.

It’s almost like Newsom is playing Joe Biden low-rent, always bringing up Charlottesville to motivate him for his bid to become a presidential candidate. Newsom’s reasoning is weak in this instance. DeSantis threatened to fine the Special Olympics organization because it was trying to impose a COVID vaccination mandate which ran against state law. This is all this gel-headed genius could muster to make himself appear principled and tough.

It is absurd because Newsom’s reason for being so small-minded that it gives no justification for the Governor of a state more than 2000 miles away from Florida to interfere in Florida, it’s absurd. Newsom believes that even if DeSantis had vilified the Special Olympics in an unfair manner, this will make him a national hero.

DeSantis didn’t do that, and Newsom’s ineptness at critical thinking is evident in his criticism. The Special Olympics organization was trying to exclude athletes deserving of the COVID vaccine based on their COVID vaccination status. This has two problems. The mandate was completely political and pointless because the vaccine can’t stop spreading. Second, certain children who take part in Special Olympics don’t have the right conditions to receive the vaccine.

These athletes would have been out of the running if Newsom wanted it that way to make corporate bosses feel better. DeSantis was not going to let this happen. DeSantis enforced the law and the mandate was dropped. Everyone who was supposed to be there got to go. DeSantis has done the whole pandemic. He put the well-being and safety of children before the rantings and sanitizing of politicians.

Newsom thinks DeSantis is a bad Florida guy because he allowed more people in the Special Olympics than he did virtue signaling for the COVID vaccine. Good luck to him if that’s what he wants for 2024.