Former McDonalds CEO & Cargo Airline President Call Out Biden’s Supply Chain Crisis

Many people have asked President Joe Biden how his administration will handle the supply chain crisis this holiday season and the answers have all been different. While Biden shared during a CNN presidential town hall with Anderson Cooper that he would consider having the National Guard drive trucks make up for the lack of truck drivers, a White House official pushed back against his claim. They told media sources that the President is not “actively pursuing” the use of the National Guard on a federal level and that it is at the “state-level” and under the “purview of governors” to do such a thing.

Top House leaders and lawmakers have been calling on the President to fix the crisis, adding that it could lead to a “doomed” holiday season. Ranking Member of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee Rep. Sam Graves wrote a letter to President Biden asking him to stop the “harmful regulatory actions” that are driving up energy costs and attacking American businesses. He pointed out many factors that are disincentivizing work including vaccine mandates, taxation, and government handouts.

Cargo shipping companies have also warned President Biden and the White House that the proposed vaccine mandates are “wreaking havoc” on the supply chain and putting more strain on the staff across the industry. Stephen Alterman, head of the Cargo Airline Association, wrote that they have “significant concerns” about the Sept. 9 employer mandates that are to be implemented by Dec. 8, 2021.

The Cargo Airline Association currently represents UPS, DHL, and FedEx, and has been dealing with the shortage of truckers and massive backlogs at key California ports. He said that the vaccine mandate will “create chaos” and is a significant supply chain problem since many air cargo companies ship vital medical supplies, including the COVID-19 vaccines.

UPS and FedEx spokespeople have shared that they are urging employees to get vaccinated but are still reviewing Biden’s executive order. Some have said that the mandate will trigger “widespread economic damage” as the economy tries to recover after months of COVID-19-related lockdowns.

“This problem is further exacerbated by the fact that we are already experiencing a worker shortage, both in the air and on the ground, and any loss of employees who refuse to be vaccinated will adversely impact needed operations,” Alterman wrote.

Even former McDonald’s CEO Ed Rensi shared how Biden’s economic policies have “dramatically impacted” the supply chain crisis and inflation. He told Fox Business’ “Mornings with Maria” that Biden’s policies remind him how it was during the ’80s, up into the ’80s, where prices of fuel were going up like crazy, as well as limited transportation and distribution. He said they had to raise prices, as well as address the opening and closing schedules in the restaurants.

“It’s been exacerbated clearly by COVID. But it’s also been impacted dramatically by the policy changes that President Biden made even before he was inaugurated. When he said he’s going to shut down oil, shut down the pipelines, move away from fossil fuel,” Rensi shared.

The administration will never allow Biden to use the National Guard to assist in the movement of cargo, as it’s always been a part of the plan to destroy the American economy so they can “Build Back Better.” That’s what it’s always meant. Building back better to Biden means communism and giant unions.