Finland’s President Tells Putin His Country Will Apply To Join NATO

On Saturday, Finland’s President Sauli Ninisto told Vladimir Putin by telephone that his country would apply for NATO membership in the next few days.

Niinisto’s Office issued a statement stating that he had stressed Russian demands for NATO membership in late last year. This was to stop countries from joining NATO.

Niinisto said in a statement, “The conversation was direct, straightforward, and it was carried out with no aggravations.” It was important not to create tensions.

The Kremlin Press Service said that Putin had replied that Finland’s decision not to adhere to its military neutrality policy was an error, as there were no threats to Finland’s safety.

According to the statement, a change in Russia’s foreign policy could have a negative effect on Russian-Finnish relations. These relationships were built over many years in the spirit of partnership and good neighborliness and are mutually beneficial.”

Niinisto’s office reported that he had spoken to Putin in 2012 about how each nation maximizes its security.

It said that this is also what was happening right now. “By joining NATO Finland strengthens security and takes accountability. It is not the property of anyone else.

Niinisto said that he was deeply concerned by Russia’s attack on Ukraine and stressed “the imperative for peace.”

According to the office, he also relayed messages concerning the security of evacuations to civilians. These messages were sent earlier in week by President Volodymyr Zilenskyy.

The NATO-military-non-aligned Nordic nation leader stated that Finland is ready to “take care” of practical issues related to Russia’s neighbor in a professional, correct way.

Finland and Russia share an 830-mile border.

The Kremlin called Thursday’s Finnish attempt to join NATO a “threat to Russia”