Federal Judge Blocks Gavin Newsom’s War Against the Freedom of Speech

Old Joe Biden appears less likely to be reelected president after January 20, 2025. Gavin Newsom, a Californian Democrat, is the rising star.

Gavin Newsom, the socialist nanny state policy-maker who is constantly trying to kill California, is driving Californians away by the thousands. California is currently experiencing its first ever recorded decline in population.

Newsom is a Leftist socialist and, more importantly for them, an autoritarian who eagerly disregards the First Amendment to suppress dissent. He now faces a minor obstacle in the form a federal judge.
Newsom signed Assembly Bill 2008 in September 2022. This law forbade misinformation regarding COVID.
The governor said that the fascist bill was perfect because it was specifically tailored to situations in which a licensee acts maliciously, or deviates from the required standard for care when interfacing with patients.

This fact is now recognized by a federal judge. On Wednesday, Judge William B. Shubb shot down Newsom’s free-speech-destroying measure, and had strong words for it in his opinion.

Newsom will not give up despite all obstacles. Newsom will not quit despite any obstacles.