Fauci Says Babies Could Be Eligible For Coronavirus Vaccine Early Next Year

Dr. Anthony Fauci thinks that both toddlers and babies could be eligible for vaccines against the Chinese coronavirus within a reasonably brief period of time, likely at the beginning of the next year in 2022 or the first quarter in 2022.

He stated that they can’t guarantee it and have got to conduct the clinical trials for it. Pfizer had been the leading contender in the race for vaccinating babies and toddlers because of its pediatric vaccine trials.

Pfizer has not yet submitted data from clinical trials for children under 5 and it can be difficult for vaccine manufacturers to predict when clinical trials will conclude. This is partly because of how many participants become sick over a period of time.

It was reported that Pfizer will apply to the FDA to approve their COVID-19 vaccine, which is for children aged 6 to 5 years. Fauci’s comments follow the Biden White House campaign to vaccinate children aged 5-11 years old. They even recruited famous children’s characters such as Big Bird or Elmo to convince parents.

Biden pleads that the parents of children aged 5 and over should get them immunized after Pfizer’s approval for the vaccine. Biden and other Dem-state officials, including New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, have pushed for the shot despite the fact that coronavirus mortality rates and hospitalization rates among children are still extremely low.

The state reporting 45 states as well as New York City and Guam — reported that 0.00% to 0.03% of all child cases were fatal.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA), however, wants to delay sharing data from its approval of Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccination until 2076.